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Chymera Biography

Chymera hails originally from Cork and spent his formative musical years in Dublin, Ireland. Currently based somewhere in the world. He creates various shades of techno, drawing on many different influences, acoustic and electronic. Also makes netlabel releases as I AM AN EXIT

Interview with Chymera by Kazuumi Ishii

How was your experience at Belgium’s Sub-Scape ?

Fantastic ! There was a huge crowd and the harder I played, the louder they shouted. One of those gigs you have once in a while where I was very happy with my set and the crowd reaction was excellent

Where are you based at the moment ?

I’m a world citizen of no fixed abode at the moment. Currently in Antwerp, heading to Utrecht tomorrow, then onto Amsterdan. Next week I’m flying back to Dublin for a visit. I haven’t been home in almost a year

Does the name Chymera have any special meaning or significance ?

Not to me ! I just liked the sound of it. It has meanings of course, but the correct spelling is Chimera. I had to change the spelling when I found another act of the same name.

Can you comment on how the music you grew up with like glam, metal and rock has influenced your current music ?

Certainly my melodies and chord progressions are heavily influenced by those types of music. Minor notes and chords are used a lot, and those are the kind of sounds I like. I also occasionally use sampled drum loops from rock and metal etc.

Were you interested in producing from the beginning or were you more interested in DJing ?

I used to make music on a 4-track in my teens… alternative and folky stuff. I play guitar and a few other instruments. When I started DJ-ing in 2000 I loved it and didn’t have any urge to start producing until 2002 when a friend gave me his old computer. Then I threw myself into it headfirst. DJ-ing gradually fell to the wayside although recently I have started enjoying it again.

Your single "Midnight At The Aquarium" became huge, did you ever expect it to get that big ? Let’s run through a list of DJs who have sung your praises; Laurent Garnier, Funk D’Void, Spirit Catcher, of course Djinxx, and Hernan Cattaneo.

It’s become big in a cult way indeed although that unfortunately hasn’t translated into big sales. But the feedback I have received from both normal fans and peers has been fantastic and very humbling. It’s one of my own favourite tracks but I certainly never expected to get that sort of response from some of my alltime heroes.

Now do you find yourself following the Chymera sound or I Am An Exit more ?

Well, I don’t think there’s a difference actually. I am an Exit was started as an anonymous project where I just put up some tracks on the net and it resulted in about 6000 downloads in 2 weeks and big feedback on various forums. It eventually led to EPs on Urban Torque and Funque Droppings. I did it at a time where I was feeling disillusioned about my prospects of ever being signed to a label and luckily it turned my fortunes around.

Do you get confused in the studio whether you are being Chymera or I Am An Exit ?

Well I don’t know if or when there will be another I am an Exit release as the Chymera name is know better known. Chymera is I am an Exit is Chymera ;-)

Are you thinking of bringing a new album out ?

A few people have asked me that and I’m not sure. I’m happy focussing my efforts on EPs at the moment. I still don’t yet know what album format works best: downtempo tracks, dancefloor tracks, or a mix. Plus sales of albums usually aren’t as good as singles. When the right time comes along with the right label and I feel I have the right tracks, then yes I will do an album.

Do you run your own label at the moment ?

Nope. I wouldn’t have enough knowledge or experience to do that at the moment. Maybe in the future. I did set up a ‘label’ to put out my first album (everybody dies, even horses, 2005) but it really consisted of just pressing 500 CDs. I wasn’t able to get any distribution.

As an established artist by yourself now, are you interested in finding new talents ? Do you get a lot of demo tapes from unsigned artists ?

I’m interested in finding cool new artists and playing their music if I like it. I occasionally get sent demos but all I can do is play them out if I like them and/or give feedback if possible. I don’t run a label nor do I yet have strong ties to an established label, so I can’t really do much with unsigned tracks in that regard. It’s hard enough finding the right home for my tracks ;-) But myspace has brought me into contact with several great and relatively unknown acts who’s music I enjoy.

Can you tell us your plan for the rest of 2007 ?

Well, at the moment I’m looking for a suitable country to live in. Hence bumming around europe. I aim to be self sufficient through gigs by the end of the year. I’ve just played Barcelona and Antwerp and gigs coming up in Ireland plus negotiating gigs in Italy and Spain. Will probably look for an agent to help push for more. I hope to get more EPs out soon on established labels.

Have you heard anything about the scene in Japan before ?

Well it seems detroit and detroit influenced stuff goes down well there. A few people have told me that the crowds there are super. It’s a place I have always wanted to visit and who knows maybe even live there at some point in the future. Hopefully I can have the opportunity to play there soon.

Do you have any message to your Japanese fans ?

Hmmm… keep it real on the east side ;-) . Hope you like my music and I hope to travel there soon. Respect !!!

Chymera Discography

own releases

as Chymera

  • Umbrella, 12"
    Ovum (2007)
  • Arabesque / Satura, 12"
    Tishomingo (2007)
  • The Silent Running EP, 12"
    Morse (2007)
  • Midnight At The Aquarium, 12"
    Mezzotinto (2007)
  • Descent EP, 12"
    Supreme Entertainment (2006)
  • Everybody Dies… Even Horses, CD
    Iterate (2005)
  • Icicle / XE, 12"
    Invisible Agent (2005)

as I Am An Exit

  • Envelop Remixes, Digital
    SeedyR (2007)
  • Numbling EP, Digital
    Urbantorque (2006)
  • Polar EP, Digital
    Funquedroppings (2006)
  • Envelop EP, Digital
    SeedyR (2006)


  • Titanium – Paloozah (Chymera remix)
    Paloozah, Titanium (2006)
  • Corrugated Tunnel – Highrise (Chymera remix)
    High Rise, seedyR (2005)


  • Chymera – Merde
    3 By Three, Nice And Nasty (2007)
  • Chymera – Flounder
    3 By Three, Nice And Nasty (2007)
  • Chymera – Alright With Me
    3 By Three, Nice And Nasty (2007)
  • Chymera – Melodrama
    DEAF 2003, DEAF (2003)


own releases

  • Valerian, 12"
    Triangle (2007)
  • My Love Remixes, 12"
    Nice And Nasty (2007)

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  1. Umbrella is my best track of the month.
    Looking foward to hear Chymela’s future work.
    Thank your the interview!


    28 Jun 07 at 12:34 am

  2. i admire this productor very very much.


    28 Jun 07 at 12:35 am

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