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selection september 2007

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Chymera – Valarian [Triangle]

[ Triangle 005 ]

Finally this is coming out. I’ve been hammering the original mix for a while now – and the other side Orlando Voorn’s mix is as wonderful. This is a stunning release. Will playlist and spin it every time.


  • A1. Valarian
  • B1. Valarian remix by Orlando Voorn

Get "Valarian" here:

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Chymera – Wish EP [NRK]

[ NRK 134 ]

Yet again another high quality 12" and all the tracks have a timeless quality to them !


  • 01. Wish
  • 02. A Question
  • 03. Eucalyptic

Get "Wish EP" here:

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Pedro Cali – Time To Change [Fine Art]

[ FAD 02 ]

Pedro Cali goes all deep as usual and ever so slightly minimal on "New Dawn" and the results are cool. A haunting track with beauty and a definite Detroit influence. "Distant Brother" is slightly more uplifting. Another solid release from my man.


  • 01. Distant Brother
  • 02. Our Place
  • 03. New Dawn

Get "Time To Change" here:

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Written by Kazuumi

September 13th, 2007 at 4:30 pm

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