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Soul Designer - Evolutionism [Third Ear]

Soul Designer "Evolutionism" is out today on Third Ear Japan. Special Japanese release with Soul Designer exclusive mix CD.

Available in good records shops:

The first single from the album, "The Soul Is Back / Rockit", will be released digitally on 26th October, and will follow 12" vinyl on 29th October.

Soul Designer are playing gigs on the following dates:

Release Information

Soul Designer
Third Ear Japan
Release date
24th Oct 2007
CD Album
Catalogue number
  • 01. Intro:Species (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 02. Ecosystem
  • 03. Rockit
  • 04. Australow-P-Tek Funk (featuring Ken Ishii)
  • 05. Enter Galapagos (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 06. Evolutionism
  • 07. The Soul Is Back
  • 08. Children Of Galapagos
  • 09. DDNA
  • 10. The Power Of A City (featuring Cléo and HKB Finn)
  • 11. Molecular Song
  • 12. Rice From The Young Ghosts
Tracklisting – Soul Designer exclusive mix CD featuring album "Evolutionism" and "Walking On A Little Cloud")
  • 01. Intro + Little Angel
  • 02. Scaraboogie
    (note: Exclusive vinyl track)
  • 03. Sweet Harmonies
  • 04. Bass Planet (Dub Mix)
    (note: Exclusive digital download track)
  • 05. Street Jazz Variation
  • 06. Evolutionism (Japan Mix)
    (note: Exclusive mix, only available on this mix CD – Japan only)
  • 07. Tech Do Brasil
  • 08. The Power Of A City (Vinyl Mix)
  • 09. Australow-P-Tek Funk (Vinyl Mix)
  • 10. Sleep With A Fat Girl + Outro
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October 24th, 2007 at 4:45 pm

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