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selection october 2007

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Chymera – Hundulu [Delsin]

[ 67DSR/CHM1 ]

Chymera is one of the best new producers I’ve heard these last few years; tracks are soul and techno, dancefloor and sensitive, classic and innovative. The Soul Designer rework is the same. Great record !


  • A1. Hundulu (Original mix)
  • B1. Hundulu (Soul Designer rework)

Get "Hundulu" here:

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Fabrice Lig – X-Slaves EP [Versatile]

[ VER055 ]

Yet more killer Lig business that manages to combine my favourite elements; deepness, danceability and soulful funkyness ! Funk La Termite rocks ! Funky, funky, funk – a huge dancefloor killer !


  • A1. X-Slaves Who Changed The World
  • B1. Funk La Termite
  • B2. The Round Of Funky Bugs

Get "X-Slaves EP" here:

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Pedro Cali – Soulshine EP [Polyphonics]

[ PRGD02 ]

Pedro is a very good friend of mine, his records are always of the highest quality and this is no different.


  • A1. Soulshine
  • B1. Freak Side
  • B2. The Message

Get "Soulshine EP" here:

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Raiders Of The Lost ARP – Beyond The Dark [Nature]

[ NAT 2135 ]

All mixes are class but respect to Mario Pierro for turning things upside down and delivering a deep and uplifting epic which sounds fresh and original.


  • A1. Beyond The Dark (Galaxy To Galaxy mix)
  • B1. Beyond The Dark (Original)
  • B2. Beyond The Dark (DJ S2/Los Hermanos mix)

Get "Beyond The Dark" here:

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Soul Designer – Evolutionism [Third Ear]

[ XECD-1089 ]

Yes, yes, yes ! Definitely the best record I have heard for a long time – Absolutely awesome. This is the true spirit of what real hi-tech soul and jazz music is and you can’t get a finer example than this album.


  • 01. Intro:Species (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 02. Ecosystem
  • 03. Rockit
  • 04. Australow-P-Tek Funk (featuring Ken Ishii)
  • 05. Enter Galapagos (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 06. Evolutionism
  • 07. The Soul Is Back
  • 08. Children Of Galapagos
  • 09. DDNA
  • 10. The Power Of A City (featuring Cléo and HKB Finn)
  • 11. Molecular Song
  • 12. Rice From The Young Ghosts

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Written by Kazuumi

October 4th, 2007 at 5:00 am

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  1. excellent selection mate!

    Axel Foley

    20 Oct 07 at 5:16 pm

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