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best of 2007 part 1

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Osborne – Outta Sight
This for me is just a perfect track. Perfectly timed progressions, wonderfully constructed and so atmospheric and evocative. A track that could have been made at any point in the last 20 years, but will still sound fresh for another 20.
Burial – Archangel
I usually don’t buy into hype, but you’d be a fool to let this one slide. The album ‘Untrue’ is a dark, scattered trip through London’s seedy underside and out through a washing machine backwards. Put it on your headphones, close your eyes and listen from start to finish.
Âme – Fiori
2007 was the year I really paid attention to Âme. Most of their remixes and own tracks have really grabbed me as they moved towards a more fluid and dynamic sound and became less clinical. This one in particular is an epic. Full kudos for the scope. Love those strings too, they remind me of the theme music from the Terminator! Always a good thing.
Mari Boine – Vuoi Vuoi me (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
When I heard this first I nearly fell off my seat. Pure musical bliss and vocals so weird they are wonderful. An anthem for me.
Shed – Kinky Dudes
This has been my secret weapon at every gig I’ve played. Pure percussive meltdown, just wait for the breakdown.
Ada – Barren Space
Proper oldschool chord action. Simple but effective production, this one just cuts through the mix every time you play it.
Steve Rachmad – Levigi
Rachmad at his best. Unfortunately the rest of his album on Sino was a bit hit and miss, however this is the most slamming dancefloor cut he’s done in a while.
Siobhan Donaghy – Don’t give it up (Carl Craig Dub)
C2 with his best remix of the year for me. Wasn’t really feeling the "Like A Child" remix he did, but this one is just perfect. Restrained percussion and immense power.
John Daly – Move
Immense. Proper epic with a retro touch, coming on like metro area meets John Carpenter. Full kudos for the fellow Cork man
Eamonn Doyle – Come Down On The music (Los Hermanos remix)
Los Hermanos with the funkiest, ass shaking remix. That bass! those strings! wow.
Santiago Salazar
01. Carl Craig – Future Love Theme [Miya Records]
When I first heard this track, I instantly loved it. It’s simple structure is pure Detroit, pure C2. No other song has had a influence on me like this one has in 2007.
02. Stefan Goldman – Lunatic Fringe [Macro Recordings]
This is pure original electronic music. Unique, minimal, funky and weird. Dopeness!
03. Kerri Chandler – Computer Games EP [Deeply Rooted House]
Talk about bringing it back to the dance floor! This EP is a reminder to all about the early relationship between house and techno. When you hear "The Invaders" or "Vector Graphics", you have no choice but to dance! Nevermind that there is no direct connection to video games, this ep is fresh.
04. Slam Mode – Platonic [Desvio]
Platonic sends me into a trance-dance. This is a pure spiritual song……
05. Rennie Foster feat. Ely – Midnight Sun [Futago Traxx]
This has been a Salazar Family favorite. We bump this in our bedroom and dance.
06. Louie Vega vs. Cerrone – Love Ritual [Vega Records]
Ahhhh……….percussion by Luisito Quintero and Cerrone and the beautiful voice of Nina Rodriquez singing in Yoruban is magical. Only Mr. Vega can assemble such talent and make a gem………
07. Âme – Balandine [Innervisons]
Pure dance floor, this track breathes techno and house. A dj’s tool to work the crowd.
08. Bodycode – The Centre of Time EP [Yore]
Ughhhh! Nasty…..Both tracks are heavy in sounds. Body 2 Body is my fav’ with Lerato singing "Everyday, Every night, I WANT YOU" House y Techno AQUI!!!
09. As One – Germanium (Los Hermanos Revival Mix) [Archive]
I know it say’s Los Hermanos, but it should say GERALD MITCHELL. If anyone deserves attention from Detroit, it’s Gerald Mitchell. This brother has been loyal to the dance floor since the 90′s. His remix of Germanium is part of his testament to the techno DJ and the dance community world wide!
10. Fabrice Lig – X-Slaves Who Changed The World [Versatile]
This is Fabrice at his best. Pure funk and creative sampling by the Soul Designer.
Akanezora by Masaki Hamamoto
Solid Gold Playaz / Black Music / MindInfluence
mood II swing – passing time
troydon – short circuit ep
cobblestone jazz – 23 seconds
clarisse muvemba – roses
yse – bounce back
tnt – L8
trackheadz – his kingdom ep
office gossip – carbon copy ep
somiya:ripple – codex
the sound republic – pimp
kazuumi ishii
chief of electronic directory :-)
Soul Designer – Evolutionism [Third Ear]
[ XECD-1089 ]
If only more music like this would come out…it would be fucking paradise. Proper Fabrice Lig stunning music.
Agoria – Les Violons Ivres [PIAS / Different]
[ DIFF 1074 T ]
This is fantastic. Both sides are great. Les Violons Ivres is sublime. Beautiful deep techno journey, and Les Plastiques Ivres is a killer. Been playing both sides out.
Slam – Human Response + Azure [Soma]
[ Soma CD059 ] [ Soma 216 ]
Slam – damn right it is. They always bring me back to my first love of pure techno, just when I think I’m moving away from it, I get a reminder like this. Azure is a surefire dancefloor destroyer – immaculate production and a very big room sound. In the box for those peaktime moments !
Pedro Cali – Time To Change [Fine Art]
[ FAD 02 ]
Pedro Cali is really the one to watch this year. This man knows how to keep things deep, fat plus funky as fuck with tracks that rock both the floor and hi-fi. I really love this record.
all the Mezzotinto releases
[ MEZZO 04 ] [ MEZZO 07 ] [ MEZZO 10 ]
Mezzotinto is one of the most exciting labels to emerge in recent years, and the Chymera and Martin Skogehall releases are permanent fixtures in my box. Another excellent addition. "Midnight At The Aquarium" is awesome and one of the biggest tracks
of the year – deep techno at its best !

Written by Kazuumi

December 28th, 2007 at 2:00 am

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