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best of 2007 part 2

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Erell Ranson
Soul Designer – Soul Is Back [Third Ear]
PFunk is back with this funky Soul Designer EP. Fabrice Lig at his best.
Arne Weinberg – Path Of The Gods [AW Recordings]
The first album of the German deep master. Deep, emotionnal, electro, idm, techno. All in one. Nice work and artwork !!!
Underground Resistance – Electronic Warfare 2 [Underground Resistance]
One of the true references in Detroit electronic music, Underground Resistance continue his mission. And there was a long time, I killed my radio !!!!
Mad Mike – Hi Tek Dreams / Lo-Tech Reality [Underground Resistance]
Hi-tek funk, this is…. Don’t need to say more !!!!
Raiders Of The Last Arp – Beyond The Dark (Los Hermanos Rmx) [Nature]
The return of Galaxy 2 Galaxy, they’re coming here with a sublime remix. They gave to the original track some extra energy with their "Knight of the Jaguar"’s strings. Perfect !!!!
PassEnger – Obliques Strategies [Sula Muse Recordings]
A man to follow. Inspiring by Detroit, B12, and Carl Craig. Beautiful music !!! Deep Deeper !!!
Pedro Cali – Time To Change [Fine Art Recordings]
My brotha in crime gave us some great tunes this year : a great remix and an EP from Fine Art, an ep from Polyphonics Recordings. We can easily recognize a Pedro Cali’s track with his funky synth line. The tech-house at his best. We’re waiting 2008 brotha !!!!
Black Smith Craft – No Peace For Wicked [Limetree]
An industrial and dark release. This French guy, inspired by the Birmingham sound, delivered us a strong and fresh EP. Black is black !!!!
T.e.s.t. Vs Hollowgraphik – Xenophobe [Exceleration]
One of the last bought of the year. 4 raw electro tunes.
Laurent Garnier – The Battle [FCommunications]
When the French master meets Mad Mike, they give us a great electro track.
Pedro Cali
First of all is my friend Fabice Lig for his releases in 2007 and the preview of 2008 future tracks & LP that I heard on the road to Sub-Scape party ;)
DJ 3000 Blood & Honey LP, a new departure for DJ 3000 ?
Spirit Catcher, Night Vision : Chocolat & disco tech, a great first album
Nitzan @ Fine Art Recordings for his work with the label and his true love for the music !
Digital Music : It’s a real oportunity for the electronic community but it’s a real danger if labels sold music & (new) artists without a real idea & a real plan in background… labels need to keep quality in the digital too…
Kingpin Cartel : Getho EP. A real deep techno funky EP
Carl Craig for another amazing year of devotion for the techno music
Sonar Kollektiv as every year since a long time. No need to add something else !
Cobblestone Jazz, 23 Seconds LP. Fresh air for the minimal music.
The Doors 40TH ANNIVERSARY ! There are still there ! ;)

Written by Kazuumi

January 15th, 2008 at 8:15 pm

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