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selection january 2008

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Beroshima – Horizon the remixes [Soma]

[ Soma 237 ]

Another excellent release from Soma – both Beroshima his own remixes are nice but the Funk D’Void remix is nothing short of fantastic ! Lovely production, works well on the dancefloor and radio.


  • 01. Horizon (Funk D’Void’s Hope remix)
  • 02. Horizon (Beroshima’s Deep mix)
  • 03. Horizon (Frank Müller’s Corazon mix)

Get "Horizon the remixes" here:

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Corrugated Tunnel – One Night In Barcelona [Elevation]

[ ER013 ]

Very good indeed. Well done to both remixers; wonderful takes on an already cool tune. Chymera remix – oh yes, I like it ! Scope mix is pretty fucking good too. He does the business here with a very deep house workout that really works.


  • A1. Original mix
  • A2. Chymera remix
  • B1. Scope’s Noche Urban mix

Get "One Night In Barcelona" here:

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Gary Beck – On The Run [Mezzotinto]

[ MEZZO 11 ]

I’ve been waiting for new Gary material after his A590 Beats track. Really nice release again from Gary, really efficient, perfect for late night.


  • 01. On The Run
  • 02. Akin Seeya

Get "On The Run" here:

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James Kumo – Kumomusic Vol 1 [Ann Aimee]

[ ann 005 ]

More quality from the Delsin sister label, plenty to choose from this fine package. The production on 45 Days is outstanding – so dark, so beautiful !


  • 01. Fluid
  • 02. 45 Days
  • 03. Koma

Get "Kumomusic Vol 1" here:

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Ken Ishii feat. 7th Gate – Sunriser remixes [70Drums]

Good stuff – I haven’t been a big fan of Ken Ishii’s recent stuff but the Spirit Catcher mix works really well and is right up my street for club play. FLR mix is a cool mashup, some great effects and may well drop this in a booze-fuelled backroom scenario !


  • 01. Spirit Catcher Other View mix
  • 02. FLR’s Vox Rise mix
  • 03. Publicmind remix

Get "Sunriser remixes" here:

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Kevin Saunderson – History Elevate 2 [KMS / Planet E]

[ PE 65295-1 ]

What can I say ? KMS is Detroit’s biggest export and with remixes like these, you can’t go wrong… kick ass dancefloor monsters !


  • A. Bassline (Joris Voorn mix 07)
  • AA. Pump The Move (Samuel L Session remix)

Get "History Elevate 2" here:

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January 6th, 2008 at 11:30 pm

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