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Terrence Parker Biography

Unlike many of Detroit’s famous artists, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of Detroit House Music. He is also known as a pioneer of the Inspirational/Gospel House movement ! TP has performed as a DJ in more than 100 cities throughout the world. Since 1988, he has released more than 100 recordings, and had top 20 hits with his songs "Love’s Got Me High", "The Question" and albums like "Detroit After Dark" in the U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

As one of the headliners for the 2004 Detroit Movement Festival (May 2004), TP (along with his friend & Detroit legend DJ Mo Reese) performed a stunning tag team DJ set on 4 turntables with 2 live vocalists for a crowd of over 100,000 people.

TP’s collective musical works and pioneering efforts have been recognized as a valuable contribution to Detroit’s music history, as well as the International History of Dance Music, in the Detroit Historical Museum’s History of Techno International Exhibit.

TP’s incredible DJing talents can be heard regularly on Channel 955 FM’s "The Pulse" (Detroit’s No # 1 Pop/Urban FM Radio Station). Furthermore, TP produces several DJ mix shows (including The Inspirational House Mix Show), which can be heard on FM, Internet, and Satellite/Digital Radio stations internationally.

Terrence’s remix projects are currently topping charts and driving dance floors all over the world. Some of his most recent remix projects include such popular artists as Kelly Rowland, Vickie Winans, Lyfe Jennings, Michelle Williams, Trinitee 5:7, Omarion feat. Bow Wow, Aaron Carl, Tiffany Evans feat. Ciara, Wyclef feat. Akon, Beyonce & Shakira, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Shaun Escoffery , Ce Ce Winans, Dr. Charles Hayes & The Cosmopolitan Church Of Prayer Choir, Amerie, Chris Brown, Anointed Pace Sisters, and Upper Street.

Terrence has also been busy working on his own projects with artists Coco Street, Darnell Kendricks, DJ Mo Reese and Precious Blood Sound System. These artists and more are featured on TP’s new House Music label called Parker Music Works ! TP also has several releases and remixes on Superb Entertainment label which is based in London, England.

Terrence Parker is definitely still in the game, and better than ever. Some people call TP the "Telephone Man" because he uses an actual telephone as headphones. We call him the "Telephone Man" because he has answered the CALL to bring us music to feed our souls !

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Interview with Terrence Parker by Kazuumi Ishii

What countries did you travel to last year for DJing ?


What countries do you like playing in best ?

Japan (Chiba City is my favorite city to DJ in)

How would you describe the audiences in these countries, how do they differ ?

When I have DJ’ed in Japan, the people seemed to enjoy the most intimate melodies in the records I played, and the rhythms in my beat juggling, cutting, scratching and transforming. It was great !!!

Do you have any fans that follow your gigs ? Or have there been occasions when people have told you they have travelled a long distance to come and see you ?

Yes, there have been many times when fans have traveled long distances to see and hear me play; especially in Germany and the USA !

Do you take inspiration from travelling and hearing other DJs’ music too ?

Yes, I love to travel. The most exciting part is meeting people and learning about their history and culture. I have learned that people are generally the same in spirit. I get great inspiration from this. I also like listening to other DJs (especially turntablists). For me it’s like listening to a jazz arrangement !

Which counties and DJs do you think are the most influential for the rest of the dance community ?

USA, UK, France, Germany

What are the most important music events for you to go to each year ?

I have attended the Detroit Electronic Music Festival each year. Many years ago I use to attend the New Music Seminars in New York. I use to regularly attend the Winter Music Conference in Miami.

Terrence Parker Mix Show Video 2008 (PART 1)

What do you think about your Real Booking Artist Agency roster mate ? Like DJ Bone ?

DJ Bone is an extremely cool guy. I have know him for many years and have grown to respect him more each year.

How would you describe your Advanced Black Music project with DJ Bone ?

In simple terms, it is the idea of building on the black music artists that have come before us, adding our generational flavor to it, and taking it to the next level. For example, my music is heavily influenced by funk bands of the 1970s (Parliament, Funkadelic, Brides Of Funkenstein, Parlet, Slave, Isley Brothers, Bar Kays, Brick, Ohio Players, Average White Band) as well as the Motown Sound and the Sound Of Philadelphia ! You can hear all of these influences in my music.

You seem to be very multi-talented. You make your own music, do remixes, run a record label and play as DJ. What do you enjoy the most ?

I enjoy DJing and making music the most. My roots are in DJing ! I have so much fun and often get creative ideas for new music projects while I’m mixing.

Going back to your phenomenal hit "Love’s Got Me High", there was an interesting story on other interviews in regard to the making of the track. Can you explain what happened a bit more ?

I made that song in 1995 while in a deep depression. One of my very close friends had just committed suicide, I had just walked away from my record deal with Network/Six6/Sony in the UK, I did not have a job, and I was having personal family problems. One day I was alone in my room with my Roland W-30 Workstation Keyboard and decided to work on this idea I had for a cool track. The rest (as they say) is history ! By the way, a few weeks later my W-30 was stolen !

Subject Detroit Records then got involved and released a remix package of it. Do you still play "Love’s Got Me High" or any of there mixes ?

Subject has not released a remix package yet. This is still in the works so stay tuned ! Yes, I played one of my remixes from the classic "Tribute To Ken Collier EP" at my last DJ gig. It still gets a huge response with hands in the air !

How on earth did you end up working with Beyonce ?

For the past 3 years I worked with an agent who got me many remix jobs for Sony/BMG in the USA and UK. As with most remix projects, Sony/BMG sent me the vocal acapella of the songs and then I would produce the remix in my studio.

Looking to the future, I hear Subject Detroit Records have signed you up to do some projects with them ?

I have a digital label called Parker Music Works. I will release a series of vinyl projects from my PMW label with Subject Detroit.

What’s coming out next on your label Superb Entertainment Records ?

On December 15 (2007) the Anointed Pace Sisters’ "High Praise" 12 inch was released featuring remixes from myself, DJ Spen & Thommy Davis, and Sean McCabe. On January 7 (2008) my remix of Rosie Gaines "Closer" was released as a special clear vinyl promo only. Coming in February – Terrence Parker featuring Bishop Edmund Griffin Sr "I’m Happy" with remixes by Ron Caroll and Karizma. Coming in March – Terrence Parker featuring Precious Blood Sound System “Hallelujah” with remixes by Sean McCabe and a special surprise bonus track !

Coming on January 17 on my Parker Music Works label is the "TP Classics Album Volume # 1". This features unreleased versions of "Love’s Got Me High", "Hold On", "Your Love" along with original versions of tracks like "Emancipation Of My Soul" and "Just 4 U". On February 1 I will release a hot deep house project from one of my new artists called METRO BEATZ from Miami. On February 14 I will release a new Terrence Parker track called "The Rosa Resolution" (a special dedication to the late Rosa Parks). Also coming soon on my Parker Music Works (PMW) label will be new music from DJ Mo Reese, Coco Street, Roller 8, and more.

Finally, 2008 has just begun. Do you have any new year’s resolutions ?

Yes ! I want to begin to see myself the way GOD sees me !

Superb Entertainment Records Discography

  • [ SUPERB 001 ]
    Terrence Parker featuring Darnell Kendricks – Yours Truly, 12"
    SUPERB 001 (2006)
  • [ SUPERB 002 ]
    Terrence Parker feat. Coco Street – Let God Arise, 12"
    SUPERB 002 (2006)
  • [ SUPERB 003 ]
    Upper Street – The One, 12"
    SUPERB 003 (2007)
  • [ SUPERB 004 ]
    Aaron Carl – Sky – remix, 12"
    SUPERB 004 (2007)
  • [ SUPERB 005 ]
    Mr K’Alexi Shelby – Peek Time, 12"
    SUPERB 005 (2007)
  • [ SUPERB 006 ]
    The Anointed Pace Sisters – High Praise, 12"
    SUPERB 006 (2007)

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