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selection march 2008

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Dave Anderson / Lee Holman – Preview EP [Ferox]

[ FERDL05 ]

As always, Russ Gabriel finds the best for his Ferox label. And this time it’s deep housey stuff. I prefer the Lee Holman track. So deep you could drown in it !


  • 01. Dave Anderson – Crammed
  • 02. Lee Holman – Sneak

Get "Preview EP" here:

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Fabrice Lig – Purple Raw Part One [Versatile]

[ VER058 ]

Fabrice Lig delivers an another brilliant piece of robust hi-tech funk – here his sublime harmonies meld perfectly with cheeky Parliament-ish funkiness. Bloody marvellous.


  • A1. The Track
  • B1. Bump Bump
  • B2. The Riff Pourpre

Get "Purple Raw Part One" here:

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Gerald Mitchell – Out The Boat / Resident Warrior [Reincarnation]

[ R 004 ]

Everything Gerald Mitchell has put out under the Los Hermanos alias has been mighty good. I’m still playing "Quetzal" and "Resurrection" regularly and this year we’ve had great releases on Reincarnation and Submerge too.


  • A. Out The Boat
  • B. Resident Warrior

Get "Out The Boat / Resident Warrior" here:

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Pedro Cali – Patiente [Elevation]

[ ER015 ]

Yet another stunning piece of soulful techno from Pedro Cali, which sounds like it was made in Detroit rather than Charleroi. Loving all tracks but "9 Behind Us" rocks the most with all that lush chords and the tough, no nonsense groove. Full support as always.


  • 01. Patiente (JP & Jones remix)
  • 02. Patiente (Original mix)
  • 03. 9 Behind Us (The Disclosure Project remix)
  • 04. 9 Behind Us (Original mix)
  • 05. Wet Soul (Tina Valen remix)
  • 06. Wet Soul (Original mix)

Get "Patiente" here:

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Ko:resh – Sintracks EP [Tishomingo]

More new-school old-school from Wiesbaden’s Ko:resh. Dark moody wicked and
twisted – inside your head shit.


  • 01. Sintracks
  • 02. The Drive (Original mix)
  • 03. The Drive (Juan Rojo remix)
  • 04. Slim Seduction
  • 05. The Bliss Within

Get "Sintracks EP" here:

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Samoil Radinski – Rainbow [Logos]

[ Logos 005 ]

Very good EP. Will hammer like hell…Fluency Detroit sounds new and old at the same time. Works well with some Detroit soul music for some reason ! I love that.


  • 01. Fluency (Detroit remix)
  • 02. Rainbow
  • 03. Love
  • 04. Window
  • 05. Fluency

Get "Rainbow" here:

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March 18th, 2008 at 12:30 am

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