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Sub Space - The Message [Mirage]

Following the work they realized for the label Mission 6277/Axis and then presented in Tokyo for the "Contact Special" sessions side by side with their Producer and Mentor Jeff Mills, Sub Space now unveils the wholeness of the project with this pure techno Album inspired by Mr. Mills of course, but also by Robert Hood for his hypnotism, Richie Hawtin for his Minimalism or Carl Craig for his deep Detroit touch.

The aficionados of the dancefloors already know the French duet Julien & Gonzague for their DJ set and explosive live, as well as for their production ranging from Funky techno to pure Techno which suggests that they come from Chicago and Detroit.

To date, Art is the only one universal medium of communication that humans have found to transmit all their feelings, their spiritualities and sensitivities buried deep inside.
Since all time art has served to convey feelings, emotions, and even messages. Art is the only way that Humans have found for the moment to pass among them what is not transmissible through speech, what they feel in the bottom of their hearts.
Maybe one day we will reach technological prowesses which will enable us to interconnect with each other, but for the moment it remains the domain of science fiction.

The Message is a travel through many feelings: Beauty, Warmth, Suspense, Mystery, and Aggression.

Welcome aboard.
Sub Space

Upcoming gigs for Sub Space

  • Mar 28. – Reset Club, Madrid
  • Mar 29. – 4 Sans, Bordeaux
  • Apr 11. – Rex Club, Paris
  • Apr 19. – Tresor, Berlin

Release Information

Sub Space
The Message
Release date
April 2008
CD Album
Catalogue number
  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Orbital
  • 03. Jolies Choses
  • 04. Time Machine
  • 05. Elektrofluxx
  • 06. A Song For Peace
  • 07. Random-Q
  • 08. The Bi-Machine
  • 09. Climaxx
  • 10. The Extrema
  • 11. Alien Speaking
  • 12. Positive Energy
  • 13. The Bottom
  • 14. Ellipse Theory
  • 15. Magmatik
  • 16. On The Way Back
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