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timeless classic april 2008 & santiago salazar interview

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Santiago Salazar – Materia Oscura [Rush Hour]

[ RH-LTD 027 ]

Santiago Salazar is getting deeper and darker by the week, but if he stays this good he can. Sci Fi Xicano is the follow-up to an ace stuff on Los Hermanos and Materia Oscura hints at what Detroit should be sounding like in 2008.


  • 01. Materia Oscura
  • 02. Sci Fi Xicano

Get "Materia Oscura" here:

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Ican – Caminos del Niño EP [Ican Productions]

[ ICAN-004 ]

Esteban Adame and Santiago Salazar are on something of a roll at the moment; the stand-out deep techno of Santiago’ latest single "Materia Oscura", their wonderful thing for Planet E and just now their new collaboration with Gonzalo Chomat and Iris Sandra Cepeda. Just the right side of spring / summer cheese, this is going to be massive everywhere from Los Angeles to Tokyo I would imagine.


  • A1. Ican – Caminos del Niño
  • A2. Ican – Caminos del Niño (Martyn Oscura mix)
  • B1. Ican – Caminos del Niño (Orland Voorn dub remix)
  • B2. Santiago Salazar – Sucio Beat #2

Get "Caminos del Niño EP" here:

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A short interview with Santiago Salazar by Kazuumi Ishii

How did the collaboration with Gonzalo Chomat and Iris Sandra Cepeda ?

Esteban play Piano sometimes for Gonzalo’s salsa band. Esteban is also helping Sandra do a R&B spanish album. Esteban and I started this track at my house, later I sent him what I changed and a week after that, he sends me the vocals and I was BLOWN AWAY !

So, are you still working on the album or have already finished it ?

Yes, we are still working on tracks for the album, we have about 6 in post production and still working on more.

What’s next for Ican ?

What’s next for Ican is ANYTHING ! we are just trying to stay busy and Esteban is also working with a band he is called ‘Tuesday Night Squad’. more of a hip/hop jazz fusion thing, really good shit !

Written by Kazuumi

April 4th, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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