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timeless classic may 2008

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Soul Designer – Evolutionism [Third Ear]

[ XECD-1089 ]

Another brilliant Soul Designer album to go with the current Versatile release "Purple Raw Part One". Fabrice Lig wears his influences on his sleeves; Kenny Larkin here, Parliament there, and a rather large debt to Galaxy 2 Galaxy on "Heavy Weather" it must be said. Put like that it sounds cynical and contrived but the results are transcendent and undeniable.


  • 01. Intro:Species (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 02. Ecosystem
  • 03. Rockit
  • 04. Australow-P-Tek Funk (featuring Ken Ishii)
  • 05. Enter Galapagos (featuring HKB Finn)
  • 06. Evolutionism
  • 07. The Soul Is Back
  • 08. Children Of Galapagos
  • 09. DDNA
  • 10. The Power Of A City (featuring Cléo and HKB Finn)
  • 11. Molecular Song
  • 12. Rice From The Young Ghosts
Vinyl (part one)
  • A1. Evolutionism
  • A2. DDNA
  • B1. The Power Of A City (featuring Cléo and HKB Finn)
  • B2. Rice From The Young Ghosts
  • B3. Intro:Species (acapella) (featuring HKB Finn)
  • B4. The Power Of A City (acapella) (featuring HKB Finn)
Vinyl (part two)
  • A1. Ecosystem
  • A2. Molecular Song
  • B1. Scaraboogie
  • B2. Children Of Galapagos

Get "Evolutionism" here:

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Written by Kazuumi

May 7th, 2008 at 7:22 pm

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  1. You should check “Rockit”. Claude Young dropped it in his set @ Flex Vienna a month ago. It went off wel :)

    morthen kiang

    1 Jun 08 at 10:04 pm

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