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Producers employing the original principles of techno music to create and inspire future sounds for the dancefloor.

The producers appearing on the label typically have a substantial back catalogue of their music released on vinyl. This is one reason why they are featured, as a mark of respect and a continuation of their output through this medium, so well suited to the style and performance of the music.

Sect is spectacular

Sect is respect

Interview with Thomas Fisher (Sect) by Kazuumi Ishii

Right, so first things first, what exactly is Sect ?

Sect is a record label focusing on traditional principles of techno, featuring artists established and new in the progression of that sound.

Tell us the reason behind choice of the name Sect for the label ?

I think it comes from the idea that the artists’ love of and devotion to techno is on something like a religious level but techno has it’s own communities and ideologies, separate from the mainstream.

So, describe yourself in a few sentences ?

Hopelessly addicted techno vinyl junkie.

How did you get into the music industry ? Who were the main influences for you ?

Good connections in the industry and partied at Lost continuously since the early 90’s. The influences are too many to mention fairly but techno has always been close to my heart. The artists on the label are a good starting point for influences.

How has the year been for you so far ?

The year’s been really busy with starting up the label, but very cool in my communications with the all involved. I have nothing but respect for these people. I am greatly honoured to have these associations.

Sect seems to have quite a lot of fans among DJs. Ben Sims has name dropped the release of DJ Bone in his chart…

The promotion has been a great success but has been made easy with the good fortune of DJ Bone as the first artist released. Dave Clarke has pushed the release right from the beginning on his radio show as has Ben Sims. Also, great feedback from Laurent Garnier and many others.

Does Sect have any residencies or club nights that its artists regularly play at around the world ?

No promotional nights as yet. Hope for it to become a reality in the future.

What does Sect look for considering whether to sign a track or artist ?

The earlier releases on the label are by artists who’s own labels have a long and historic back catalogue of vinyl. Their ear for the music says everything that needs communicating for the best dancefloor techno.

Tell us about some of the releases coming out from the Sect stable in the next one and two months ?

The first release is by DJ Bone. Second release comes from Europe courtesy of Brethren. The third release concerns more Subject Detroit releated artists from the US and Japan but that’s all I’ll say for now……

Sect 1 out

DJ Bone – No Sleep (True To Da Roots) [Sect]

Sect proudly presents DJ Bone on production. Key innovator of the techno sound for time, his label, Subject Detroit, has continued to put out release after release of the highest possible standard over the years. Alongside his awe-inspiring DJ sets this has ensured his status as a living legend in techno music history. Sect number one offers a selection of beautifully crafted, warm, harmonic Detroit techno soul, versatile for the sets of a variety of different styles.


  • A1. No Sleep (True To Da Roots)
  • B1. Higher
  • B2. Fam (Create)

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June 1st, 2008 at 6:05 pm

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