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selection august 2008

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DJ Bone – Circus World [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-023 ]

Bloody hell. DJ Bone has always had the utmost respect from all corners of the globe. He has the soulful techno sound that I adore and this release is really showing his deeper side. Deep, soulful and highly dramatic to boot – this kind of shit is right up my street.


  • A1. Circus World
  • A2. Circus World (Instrumental)
  • B1. One More Tune

Get "Circus World" here:

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DJ Bone – The Red Zone [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-031 ]

DJ Bone turns in another swingy tribal crowd-pleaser that can’t fail on any sensible dancefloor.


  • A1. War
  • A2. Fight
  • A3. Wardance
  • B1. Stomp
  • B2. That Tree
  • B3. Doubt

Get "The Red Zone" here:

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Mister X – Unbalanced [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-029 ]

Mister X makes sublime motor city moment. The standout track ‘Hazy Bliss’ is an old-school deep house with a wailing vocal from Sunni. Reminiscent of Mr. Fingers’ finer moments and what’s more, it’s a dancefloor shóe-in. Another very good release from Subject Detroit.


  • A1. Hazy Bliss
  • A2. Jefferson Ave. 1989
  • A3. M.I. Quickie
  • B1. Because
  • B2. Cum 4 U (Cum 4 Me)
  • B3. Loveclub Quickie
  • B4. Meltdown

Get "Unbalanced" here:

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Rennie Foster – Good Time Charlie [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-024 ]

More excellent quality stuff from Subject Detroit; GTC itself is a slow-burner and breathes old-school deep house and new-school minimal techno with incredible musicianship and immaculate production. Aux 88 have given it a ludicrous ghetto techno interpretation. DJ Bone’s deep concentration is one to get well and truly lost in only to re-emerge 12 minutes later to wonder where exactly the time went.


  • A1. GTC – Original
  • A2. Aux 88’s Zoom mix
  • B1. DJ Bone’s Deep Concentration mix

Get "Good Time Charlie" here:

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Stephen Brown – Subject Scotland 2 [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-025 ]

Stephen Brown returns to Subject Detroit with a fantastic four tracker of raw and jacking techno funk music. Absolutely stunning A side – I have been hammering both tracks for a while now. Our Soul has been remade and improved for the dancefloor, deep, emotional techno with a twist of Detroit influenced soul. Keygroups grooves like a mutha ! On the flip both tracks are as nice – delicious yet dark, dubbed out house with Chicago licks, swirling techno synths and relentless driving basslines. All in all this is a great package from a great producer.


  • A1. Our Soul
  • A2. Keygroups
  • B1. Music Is
  • B2. Jackin’ Off

Get "Subject Scotland 2" here:

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Trench – Comatose [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-022 ]

Subject Detroit with yet another corking release – ‘Comatose’ comes with Donna Black, Aaron-Carl and DJ Bone mixes. The Original Slumber is a great pounding groover with a lurching synth that builds beautifully. It reminds me a little of early Jeff Mills. I can’t choose one of remixes, I love all of them !


  • A1. The Original Slumber (Trench)
  • A2. Can’t Catch Electric Sheep (Aaron-Carl)
  • B1. Narcoleptic Nightmare (DJ Bone)
  • B2. BlackisBack remix (Donna Black)

Get "Comatose" here:

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