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selection august – september 2008

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DJ Bone – Himbot / Tru Warriors EP / Subjugation [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-027 ] [ SUB-028 ] [ SUB-030 ]

DJ Bone makes Advanced Black Music for the club and it is a journey to the core. His unique style of pulsating tribal enchantment is punctuated with seriously deep chords and primal screams, a thick, potent mix of rhythms are embedded with some spaced out techno soul business.

"Himbot" is a stunning track that fuses fiery electro rhythms and machine funk into a unique listening experience. Keeping the electro feel is the equally excellent "Scully" with its very deep atmosphere and subtle emotional tug.

Tru Warriors EP is the essential spice that DJ Bone adds to the pot for that that extra bite. It’s a mysterious injection of funk and drive that reverberates to the heart of the dancefloor.

"We Control The Beat" is classic DJ Bone – a rolling tribal driven groove is underpinned with sci-fi chants and house vein, this firing cut is sure to please lovers of Bone’s style.


  • A1. Himbot
  • A2. Scully
  • B1. Himbot 2.0
  • B2. Fortress Of Solitude
Tru Warriors EP
  • A1. Tru Warriors (Ritual mix)
  • A2. Ritual Mask
  • B1. Tru Warriors (Spirit mix)
  • B2. The Dream
  • A1. We Control The Beat
  • A2. Ghosts Of Slaves
  • B1. Runwitit
  • B2. Runwitit v2

Get "Himbot" here:

Get "Tru Warriors EP" here:

Get "Subjugation" here:

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