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selection september 2008

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Various – Beings Of Sound [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-026 ]

Hot on the heels of seven corking singles comes the great compilation single. DJ Bone provides the Detroit Vibe. Trench takes a sci-fi voyage. Stephen Brown turns in another hi-tek soul. Rennie Foster delivers Advanced Black Music. Very strong indeed.


  • 01. DJ Bone – The Vibe
  • 02. Trench – Arrival
  • 03. Stephen Brown – MG
  • 04. Rennie Foster – Hustle N’ Flow

Get "Beings Of Sound" here:

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Nick Solé – Earth [Fine Art]

[ FA07 ]

Fine Art has been a consistently great label in the past couple of years. Hit after hit after hit. This EP is a house classic which reflects his obsession for jazz, downtempo and soul with roots deep in house. Absolutely no need for a remix for this stunning track.


  • 01. Earth
  • 02. Earth (Toby Tobias 3PM remix)
  • 03. Earth (Toby Tobias 6AM remix)
  • 04. Beautiful Day

Get "Earth" here:

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The Youngsters – Babylon Superstars [20:20 Vision]

[ VIS 168 ]

For the younger dancers on today’s floors, the standout track ‘Babylon Superstars’ is positively modern minimal and deserving of some kind of Isolée-esque treatment. I prefer ‘Fukuoaka Underground’ here though – deep, emotional French techno with a large dollop of Motor City. An absolute beauty.


  • 01. Babylon Superstars
  • 02. Babylon Superstars (Simon Baker’s Infant mix)
  • 03. Fukuoaka Underground

Get "Babylon Superstars" here:

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September 18th, 2008 at 11:15 pm

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