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ecdr podcast 11 – chuck bleu

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The eleventh edition of the Electronic Directory podcast is from GrooveMedia man Chuck Bleu, who makes a tasty selection of deep techno.

Interview with Chuck Bleu

What have you been up to lately ?

Oh man ! I’ve been extremely busy with my day job at GrooveMediaGroup where I look after a very select roster of labels which includes artists and labels like Deadmau5, Pete Tong, Jericho, Ferox, Dust Traxx, Stanton Warriors, Calvin Harris and several others. On top of that I’m a partner along with Russ Gabriel in the legendary UK techno label Ferox Records, I have my own label Prosthetic Pressings which is set to really take off in 2009 (our latest release Marko "Everything Turns Black" is available now and it includes remixes from Alex Bau & Dee Green) and last but certainly not least there’s Melodika Recordings which I run along with Fabrice Lig.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix ?

With this mix I tried to highlight many of the upcoming releases from my labels. You’ll find several unreleased gems from Melodika, Ferox and Prosthetic Pressings as well as a few things from some of the labels I look after like the mighty People Mover Productions out of Detroit.

You have obviously been around the block in the music industry from DJing to running labels etc. In your experience, who is the nicest person in the biz ?

From my early days at Deep Dish and Yoshitoshi through to today I’d have to say that surprisingly there are several nice people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the music business. It’s hard to narrow it down, but I’d have to mention Fabrice Lig who is a really up front and genuine person, Aaron-Carl and Terrence Parker out of Detroit are just awesome people and one of the coolest/nicest I’ve had the honor of meeting and who helps me out all the time would have to be Laurent Garnier.

How did your job at Melodika come about ?

When I first started working here at GrooveMediaGroup my first task was to build up my roster of labels and Fabrice was one of the first people I went after. At the time he was working on his latest Soul Designer album "Evolutionism" and he just had no time to worry about a label. He then approached me about partnering up with him so that I could run Melodika taking care of all of the business side of things leaving him the time to concentrate on his career and on A&Ring for Melodika.

What’s up next for Melodika Recordings ?

2009 is looking really good for Melodika. We’ve got the next 7 releases planned out and everything is starting to come together for us. You can expect some really hot releases from South Union (Fabrice Lig & Jean Vanesse), Kid Whisky, Pedro Cali, Itokim, Lee Holman, Taho and a solo project from Fabrice. Hopefully we’ll be able to work out a Melodika tour in the near future, but right now we’re trying to concentrate on the music, building the label profile and making sure we get our artists music out there for everyone to hear.

And for you ?

For me I’m currently working on starting my own label management company so I’m looking for a few good labels who need my help. I also have several new productions and remixes mostly for my own labels which I hope will end up in everyone’s boxes. Along with the productions and remixes I’m also trying hard to increase my DJ bookings and build my DJ profile with my ultimategoal being to break in to Europe and Asia. I’ve played in Europe ver sporadically over the years, but it’s been a while and I’m itching to get back over there. Keep an eye out for my regular podcast which should be starting up very soon. You can expect to hear all sorts of good upfront material. If any of your readers ever make it to Chicago please make sure to come check out my new weekly house party called "Us" at the Crocodile Lounge and if anyone would like to get in touch, ask me questions or for bookings you can reach me at www.myspace.com/chuckbleu or email me at chuck@prostheticpressings.com or chuck@feroxrecords.com.

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  • 01. Kid Whisky – Lait Fraise [Melodika Recordings (Unreleased)]
  • 02. DJ Misjah – Slots for Sluts [ReRun]
  • 03. South Union (Fabrice Lig & Jean Vanesse) – Stage 02 [Melodika Recordings (Unreleased)]
  • 04. Dee Green aka FDK – Ka’ (ReAxis remix) [Prosthetic Pressings (Unreleased)]
  • 05. Kimyon & Juan – Work For Money (feat. Tricia) [Unreleased]
  • 06. Jose M. & D. Ochoa – Urban Poison [Attary Records]
  • 07. Gabriel Boni – Satisfaction (Tony Vallini remix) [Prosthetic Pressings (Unreleased)]
  • 08. Colin Zyskowski – Yesteryou [People Mover Productions (Unreleased)]
  • 09. Steve Parker – Crawling (Kyle Geiger remix) [Hej Records]
  • 10. Itokim – Waiting For Changes [Melodika Recordings (Unreleased)]
  • 11. Developer – Walk On Air [4Track Records (Unreleased)]
  • 12. Phlash & Friends (Phil Asher) – Minotaur [Unreleased]
  • 13. Fabrice Lig – A view sous le Saule [Melodika Recordings (Unreleased)]
  • 14. Der Thal – Ferment [Ferox Records (Unreleased)]
  • 15. Phlash & Friends (Phil Asher) – Grande [Unreleased]

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