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ecdr podcast 12 – erell ranson

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Celebrating 2 years of Electronic Directory: French-soul-man Erell Ranson provides a mix of techno soul and jacking house that shows his love for Detroit and Chicago.

Interview with Erell Ranson

What have you been up to lately ?

I’m doing music when I’ve got free time. I’m very busy with my day job, so it’s not easy. With a friend we start to think to doing some parties in our city. The scene, here, is very poor – commercial clubs only.

Can you tell us a little bit about the mix ?

Nothing really original, just music I like: Chicago house, Detroit techno, electro. A panel of music which I’m likely to play during a night in a small club.

Speaking of labels, MySelf started as a basis for your own productions as well as your friends’, right ?

Yes… And I want to have the possibility to release when I want, as I want. No restriction, not need to depend on others. About friends, some are really talented, and I would like to help them. I know how is difficult to find a label.

What does MySelf stand for ?

Me, my vision of electronic music, my moods. Some releases will be merrier, others less… A french musical blog compared MySelf with Arne Weinberg’s label (AW Recordings). This comparison touched me so much. Arne allowed me to release my first 12". I’m gratefull to him.

You’re also doing a radio show on LiveSets.com called Interstate 94. Tell us a bit about the artists/DJs you work with – how did you come to work with them ?

We’re two in this project, my friend Tyler Smith and me of course, with a different music taste. We decide together, and request mixes to people we like the job. Now with internet, MySpace… All these things are easy. Send a message, and it’s good.

What are your plans for the imminent future ?

I’m working on the new MySelf (MSR-003). Normally a remix to come on AW. To continue to develop my label, and to start to work on my first full-length album. I hope to find some gigs in the future.

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  • 01. Gemini – Let’s Disco [Classic Recordings]
  • 02. DJ Sneak – Sneak Attack [Relief]
  • 03. Matt Chester – Desertification [11th Hour]
  • 04. Paul Johnson – Music In Me [Relief]
  • 05. Underground Resistance – Soul Saver [Underground Resistance]
  • 06. Nick Holder – Good Luv [DNH]
  • 07. Mr. De – 2010: A Space Odyssey [Electrofunk]
  • 08. Kraftwerk – Numbers
  • 09. Matt Chester – Lost In Our Bubble [11th Hour]
  • 10. Duplex – Axiom 3 [Franctic Flowers]
  • 11. I-F – I Do Because I Couldn’t Care Less [Disko B]
  • 12. Erell Ranson – A Different Light [MySelf Recordings]
  • 13. Morgan Geist – Detroit (c2RMX1) [Environ]
  • 14. M.D.3. – The Pressure Cooker [P&D]
  • 15. D’Julz – Just So You Know [Ovum]
  • 16. René & Gaston – Pouah ! [Pssst]
  • 17. Radio Slave – Eyes Wide Open [R&S Records]

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