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cielo club belgium – fabrice lig opens cielo

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Electronic Directory catches up with Fabrice Lig to find out about his new club, Cielo Belgium.

Interview with Fabrice Lig by Kazuumi Ishii

Cielo, means Sky in Spanish, is to open in Belgium. This is very exciting news for Mons and of course for anyone who enjoys clubbing. When and why did you decide to open a club ?

One year ago, 2 of my friends: Brandy (from Yellow Production) and Benoît, a French guy wanted to open a club in France, later they had the opportunity to find a place where doing a club would be excellent…In Mons. They talked to me about the project and I asked them if they wanted me to join us to build that project. They said yes, so we are 3 working on it…

Why ? Because we love music and because it was a chance to make the club we are dreaming for ;-) and I think the dream comes true !

Can you tell us more about the types of exhibition you plan to host ?

At first, on Saturday, we don’t want to do like other electronic clubs and invite tons of guest. We really want to have our own musical identity and want our customers to be educated and to find every week the sound they like, the sound we will build with our Resident DJs’ team… So we prefered to choose the best DJs around us to have a solid residents team…listen: Kolombo, Spirit Catcher, Brandy, Massimo Dacosta, Fabrice Lig are the residents…so we gonna touch a wide range of sound from House to Techno and with always the best selection.

After that, I’m gonna run the "Apollo" night, once a month, where I’m gonna invite some friends and artists I like, just for the pleasure, for the music… So some people like Ken Ishii, DJ 3000, Marco Passarani, Laurent Garnier, Dan Bell etc. All these guys are on my list…I will call them soon ;-).

Can you tell us some more about the Apollo party ? What’s the Apollo thing all about ?

Apollo is a satellite around Cielo Club, instead of the musical identity we want to build on Saturday nights, we also want to bring some artist we like. So Jean Vanesse and I, will take place as residents and invite all the people we like, just to share it with our customers, to let them discover some amazing artist. I think its the best way to let the people make their choice… The basic clubbers, who want to enjoy a great Saturday night with a real good sound will come on Saturday. The other people who want to dig deeper into the electronic scene, will come on Friday and learn, discover some international great artists.

So you’ve held a number of residencies (Sub-Scape, Tilted Disco), do you prefer having a regular crowd to constant touring ?

Both are great ! I think a residency is really necessary to build a real relationship with your customers, coming back each week with the tracks they like, bringing some new stuff, some surprises… Look at the residency Laurent Garnier had at the Rex, or Angel Molina in Spain at the Moog, the were legendary parties cause the people came to these party like an addiction ;-).

But also, I need to play in some other clubs as a guest cause its also good experience to play for different crowds, different places, moods etc… Both are necessary to be a good DJ I think.

What will it be like inside ?

It will be modern but warm, packed but easy to move ;-). In fact we worked on all the details, from the technical side to the bars. We really want the people to enjoy every moments into the club…from the moment they entering the club till the end.

We choose the best sound (Funktion One), the best light company: Room Division from Berlin (they made Watergate, Studio Martin’s light system). I can say the club will be a mix between Berlin/Tokyo/London’ style with the Belgian touch and Belgian crazy crowd.

What role do you feel the centre will play in Belgium ?

We worked on it to be the best club in Belgium, and honestly, I visited almost all the clubs around the world and I can tell you we won’t have to be in shame regarding the other best clubs around the world !

Cielo Club Opening Video Teaser

So the new club is due to open very soon. Needless to say we are very excited about the artists and DJs who will play. What can we expect to see at the controls ?

I already told you, the Dream team residents, and Fabrice Lig friends once a month on Friday…

Finally, what do you want for the opening night of Cielo ?

A huge party with a lot of smiles on the dancefloor, hands in the air, and people coming back at home and thinking they experienced something special…and want to come back on the next week-end ! ;-)

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March 21st, 2009 at 10:30 am

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