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the lost tribe of techno part 1 – dj nasty interview

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Subject Detroit is set to release a compilation, "The Lost Tribe Of Techno", featuring tracks from artists on its roster including Aaron-Carl, Trench, Mister X, DJ Nasty, Niko Marks, Trish Van Eynde, and DJ Bone.

Electronic Directory runs an interview for the lost tribe of techno. The first one with DJ Nasty. Hailing from Detroit he has made a name for himself by DJing, producing and running the Twilight 76 sister label, Motor City Electro Company. He talks to Electronic Directory about ghetto-tech, his musical influences and his forthcoming project with Subject Detroit.

Interview with DJ Nasty by Kazuumi Ishii

How did you hook up with Subject Detroit ?

The way Subject Detroit came about was through Aaron Carl. He has worked with them before in the past and he basically gave my information to them and they contacted me. Initially we were going to work together on some gigs but due to my limitations of traveling I was asked to do a remix and that lead to releasing a record.

You’re perhaps best known for your hyper speed electro-breaks productions and DJing, but "Here And There" for Subject Detroit takes off in an entirely different direction with the deeper side of things. Why did you choose to put out this kind of stuff ?

The release came about from tracks that were finished but sitting around because I was focused on other projects that I was and am currently working on. There were a few new tracks that I did for the release along with some that were already finished. The original concept for the Subject Detroit release was to have new tracks that weren’t released yet, then we started to go through released tracks but in the end we went with all new tracks. I didn’t present the current track listing but a variety of tracks and they decided to go through every track and choose the current list. I released 7 records on Motor City Electro Company in 2008 and only one of the releases was Ghetto. I decided to do something different and some of the releases were more techno and funky electro tracks orientated. Subject Detroit was looking for some different tracks and I was already working on different tracks at the time, so you can say the right place at the right time.

So are you pleased with it and with the reaction it got ? Are you planning on doing more Detroit-Techno-Soul stuff in the future ?

To be honest with you the only feedback I received about the release was from Subject Detroit. I’m so caught up in other projects that once it is done I’m working on the next one. Until the release comes out and more people find out about it I will get some feedback. I am currently working on more soulful tracks at the moment and hopefully have something coming out within the next 3 months.

Your close friend, Aaron-Carl, has been on the label. Are there plans for collaborations with him ? (That would sound good !)

Aaron and I have been working together since 2003. He is the first person that hears everything I do. I usually respect his opion when I play him my new stuff. I do all my mastering at his studio. I produced 2 hip hop tracks on his last album "Bitter Soulful Sweet", Lady (That Girl) and Body 2 Sweat. Expect to hear some more stuff in the future that I will produce on his upcoming albums.

So, when did you get into bass ?

The earliest I can recall getting into bass when 2 Live Crews "Nasty As We Wanna Be" album back in 1989. After I heard that it was all over. I was 11 years old at the time, that changed my life and I was corrupted from then.

How long have you been Djing ? Who or what inspired you to start DJing ?

I been DJing since I was 13 (17 years now). I was making mix tapes at the time and selling them to people in school. At that time I was doing compilations of different booty songs and dubbing them to cassette. I started buying records back in 95. I bought records for a whole year before I even bought turn tables. The only reason I got into DJing was at the time all the music that I enjoyed was underground and wasn’t released on CD or cassette only on vinyl. The only way I can hear it was to buy the vinyl.

How has your DJing been going ?

I haven’t been DJing in quite some time. I am so limited on time because I have a full time job and I was in school. I decided a long time ago that I had to choose between producing or DJing. I choose producing because the love that I have for being creative and having other people playing my music versus me DJing and playing other people music. I had the opportunity to travel to europe and play in Paris and Belgium, it was a great experience to meet other people that have the same passion in music that I do. It is very difficult for me to just get up and leave to do some gigs because of my job that pays the bills. My goal is to make enough money in music that i can quit my job and focus more on producing and DJing.

What would be the weirdest gig/place you’ve ever DJed at ?

The freakiest gig I had was at a bar in Detroit where I was getting head in the DJ booth while I was DJing. There were a couple of instances that the record went off and I had to put the needle back in the beginning of the song.

How can you sum up what ‘ghetto-tech bass’ is to someone who doesn’t know what it is ?

Ghetto Music is basically a combination of electro, booty, funk, hip hop, house, etc… The different genres are all fused together to create Ghetto, Its simple, fast, funky, and hard hitting.

I expect Ghetto-tech is big there in Detroit. I’ll never forget the hoards of people dancing up in front of a stage, at the DEMF, where Detroit’s own DJ Surgeon played. So, what about DEMF ?

The DEMF is very political. I have never been asked to DJ. I don’t think to highly of the event because it doesn’t focus on the talent that Detroit has. Instead they fly people from all over the world to perform when the event is suppose to showcase Detroit its artists and there music. It is what it is and I’m fine with that, I’m more of a person that does everything in the background. People know about DJ Nasty but they don’t know who I am and I don’t really have a problem with that. I’m not trying to be in the spotlight. I’m more focused on making music then being in videos and on covers of magazines. I let my music speak for itself.

What’s coming up for Motor City Electro Company in the near future ?

I still planning on releasing some more stuff in the future, all I need is to find some time to concentrate on Motor City Electro Company releases. Currently I am involved in some many other projects that I need to take care of those first then I can focus on my own label. I started on a new label called "Booty Breaks" which I release remix tracks under the name "Hoodfellas". I am currently finishing my 10th release on that label.

What are your plans for the future ? What is making you excited right now ?

My plans are to take my music to the next level and grow as an artist. I have been releasing records since 96 and I try to reinvent myself all the time with every release. I am releasing other genres of music which puts a fresh new perspective on my attitude towards music and production. Expect to hear more production in Hip Hop and trying to get involved with acts on major labels.

"The Lost Tribe Of Techno" coming out soon on Subject Detroit

[ SUBCD-1007 ]

Subject Detroit welcomes more new artists to the label than ever before with Klaina, Trish Van Eynde (Metro Unit with Sam Ostyn) DJ Nasty, Niko Marks and Orlando Voorn all featured on the compilation. The result is a diversified collection of proper techno music. From Mister X electronic soundscape, Aux 88 real electro, Niko Marks tech-jazz funk and Stephen Brown jackin’ house to DJ Bone A.B.M., all kinds of modern techno music are represented here.


  • 01. Mister X – Balance
  • 02. Metro Unit – Inner Senses
  • 03. Orlando Voorn – Closer
  • 04. Aux 88 – We Make Beats
  • 05. Trench – Denounment
  • 06. DJ Nasty – Groove Junkie
  • 07. Klaina – GTC (remix)
  • 08. Niko Marks – All Of Me
  • 09. Stephen Brown – Like This
  • 10. Metro Unit – Journey To Aphelion
  • 11. DJ Bone – True2daRoots
  • 12. Aaron Carl – Music (remix)
  • 13. Trish Van Eynde – Mr. Maher

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