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The fourth instalment in our Subject Detroit/Real Booking Artist Agency partnership series comes from Rotselaar-based DJ and producer Klaina.

The young cat Klaina from Rotselaar is on his way, the uprising that is with his DJ sets. It appears this young cat has been rocking dancefloors in Belgium and Netherlands. His production and DJing skills particularly caught the attention of DJ Bone, so much so that he promptly signed to input his talents into the Subject Detroit stable, the first result being his remix of Rennie Foster’s ‘Good Time Charlie’ due out next on the label. Electronic Directory caught up with Klaina to find out more about his influences, the mix, and DJ Bone/Subject Detroit.

Interview with Klaina by Kazuumi Ishii

NOTE: we could not edit his answers because our English isn’t very good – we hope you know what he means.

What have you been up to lately ?

Wow, this small question makes me think about so much things I’m busy on right now…

I’m always trying to make as much time possible for studio time. An artist never has time enough and there’s always the urge to work with music. Creating new sounds and to innovate is where is all about. There’s always more to discover and new things to try out on a production level…

Near my daily based inspiration outflow on productions, I’m hosting Motorcitysounds radio show together with Trish van Eynde on Urgent.fm and co-assist a local student radio called Club 106 where we push new releases, have a guest mix every two weeks and play the good old to finish up the 3 hour show, also Trish is involved in this project… Together strong for the sound ;-) !

Let’s talk a bit about your musical background. Who and what have been the big influences on your sound and DJing ?

Well, good timing of asking me this question. When I was a kid, my father used to take us on trips with the car and listened to a tape me and my brother called it "The space cassette"… I think 1 year ago, my mother told me that tape was Kraftwerk !

I had the chance to grew up with the admirable and artistic sound waves of Art Of Noise in my childhood and I feel that this has pushed me to grab to the EDM [Electronic Dance Music], heavy on the melody and synths.

When I first started going out to clubs, I only had a couple of options to go out to. There was Silo Leuven, Fuse Brussels and a only a local music cafe in the center of Leuven. Whenever or on which night I went out to observe the music, I always noticed a girl banging the best records that made me freeze on the dance floor… It was Trish van Eynde…

She made me aware of Detroit music, the originators, the history of the city and the sound were I fell in love with… My extreme curiosity has taken me to a search all about the history of the music, the artists, Ron Murphy, The Wizard and The Electrifying Mojo and all what came after. It opened my eyes and made me feel very kindred.

The feeling and artistic view of music has always been in me, it just had a boost by the genre called Techno.

That was also the moment I started DJing… I was 15 years old at that time.

What was the first record that got you interested in electronic music ?

I think it was around ’93 or ’95 that I first noticed "Moments In Love" from Art Of Noise playing on the radio. That track could make me smile and cry on any moment of the day. It was the first track I felt emotion to. That track still does the trick to when you play it. It’s universal… The subject love and the unique finetuned synth samples are just so natural to fall in love with.

You do a radio show on Urgent FM alongside with Trish van Eynde. It’s called Motorcitysounds. What does "Motorcity(sounds)" mean to you ?

Aaaah, the city where my second family lives… DJ Bone, Ahnne and Aleckxis Jaina. I feel so close to the city yet so far away.

Motorcity is 100% pure Detroit. No boundaries, but still Detroit !

Originally it makes me think of Motown, Jazz, Piano’s, Black Nation, Ron Murphy, Submerge and the history of the 3000 Building. But it has a lot more to it.

Motorcity (Detroit) is where it all started. It’s the city where a specific genre was created… I am lucky to be in the 21st century, so Juan Atkins already could have invented Techno.

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

Thank you for this occasion. I wanted to take the opportunity to use a more specific tracklist and go a little further then just simply mixing these tracks.

The tracks I’ve selected are from artists that made everything possible in the scene of techno. From people that inspire me and keep me playing all these good records as well motivate me to go further. They are the reason I’m able to do this !!

My nervousness brings a lot of concentration problems with them (laugh) but it also makes me do strange thing to a DJ mixer. That’s why I let myself go in this mix for the people of Electronic Directory. It keeps me amusing myself and holding the attention from first second until the last bit.

I hope you can all share the same thought with me in there.

How did your remix for Rennie Foster’s ‘Good Time Charlie’ come about ?

Last summer I recieved the new Subject Detroit releases by mail. The first track in the playlist was the ‘Good Time Charlie’ track by Rennie foster, who I admire a lot for his quality of sound. That time I only had a hybrid hardware sampler and synthesizer. Where I almost had done everything with except sampling a vocal and finetuning that.

I was at that moment braking up with my ex-girlfriend, caused by my intense occupation by music. The track is actually based on that… I was in the middle of something and didn’t know which side to choose… Eventually it was the music… It’s all about the music. As DJ Bone said.

Can you tell us a little bit about when you first met DJ Bone ?

That was a very unique situation. I wrote a mail to Ahnne, Bone’s lovely wife. The mail size was almost as big as a book. I wrote about how Bone inspired me and how he made me feel when I heard him playing. That time he just played in Belgium at the I Love Techno event and I just started to know his Internet radio ‘DJ Bone Attacks’.

I later on noticed Bone was playing in Holland at the Awakenings festival and the tickets were already sold out. I asked Ahnne if there were as anything I could do, to still make it work. Ahnne wrote me back with the confirmation that the tickets were sold out for sure, but asked me to film DJ Bone during his gig as a road assistant for Mr. Dulan [DJ Bone) at Awakenings, Amsterdam. That's the place I first met Bone... Such an amazing guy ! At the gig I also met Franki Juncaj aka DJ 3000, where I in meantime already had the chance to share the decks with on a gig in Rotterdam.

You're a young(er) guy. What is it like being a part of the roster with veterans like DJ Bone and Orlando Voorn ?

It's really undescriable the feeling. Knowing that in alphabetically order my name is right beneath Juan Atkins, the originator himself.

Everybody on the roster is a high quality producer and DJ.

It makes me feel very confident and happy that the people on the bookREALdjs [Real Booking Artist Agency] roster are 100% pure. They will stick to what they are and represent. Never turn their backs to their sound.

And that’s exactly how I feel to, I’m never gonna change, only evolve more into it.

But unless, it sure doesn’t make me feel I’ve done everything yet. There are so much projects I’m working on to motivate the people and push our sound back upwords around here.

Trish van Eynde mentioned in an interview that she is disappointed in the Belgium scene at the moment. What is your feeling on the current state of the Belgium scene ? Is there something missing today’s electronic music ? I don’t think there’s really something missing…

Yeah man ! I agree with Trish for sure. It ain’t what it used to be before. The new genre that real unknowing youngsters call "Minimal" has taking it to far. You just don’t want to take the risk anymore, going to a club without knowing the lineup before. Because almost everybody is playing that stuff here.

Of course there are still a couple of underground resisting concepts that are still pushing the real techno and other harder and dark genres. But those events are getting more rare these days. But if you look at it… Those small and tight full of love underground nights, are always the best.

That’s why Trish van Eynde and I recently started our own concept nights under the name of Motorcitysounds all across Belgium. With our second event already planned up with guest Dimitri Pike from Wildtek Concept.

We are always happy being in a big lineup, but after all. You do it for the people, no matter where or how, as long as you do your thing !

Download Electronic Directory 16 Klaina Podcast

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  • 01. Jeff Mills – Inner Self [Axis]
  • 02. Mark Flash – Sao Paulo [Underground Resistance]
  • 03. K-Hand – Survivor [Kerohand]
  • 04. Tang – Horizons [Emphasis]
  • 05. The 10th Planet – Strings Of Life (Ashley Beedle remix) [Network]
  • 06. Fix – Flash (Original) [KMS]
  • 07. Fix – Flash (Dan Curtin remix) [Slamdunk]
  • 08. D Knox – Whole New World [Sect Records]
  • 09. Dan Curtin – Buzz 101 [Headspace]
  • 10. Rolando – The Afterlife [Saved Records]
  • 11. D Knox – Circle Of Life [Sect Records]
  • 12. Dan Curtin – There And Gone [Sublime Records]
  • 13. John Beltran – Earth & Nightfall [Millions of Moments]
  • 14. Mad Mike – Acid Afrika [Underground Resistance]
  • 15. Kosmic Messenger – Soundscape [Eclipse]
  • 16. 69 – Jam The Box [R&S Records]
  • 17. Rennie Foster – Hotlz-13 [Subject Detroit]
  • 18. The Aztec Mystic – Revenge Of The Jaguar [Derrick May remix) [430 West]
  • 19. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic [R&S Records]
  • 20. DJ Bone – No Sleep [Sect Records]
  • 21. St Vitus Dance – Bliss [Peacefrog]
  • 22. Acacia – Music From A Well Know Place [Acacia Records]
  • 23. Jeff Mills – (Untitled) [Axis]
  • 24. Dan Curtin – New World remix [Sublime Records]
  • 25. Mike Dearborn – Solution [Tronic]
  • 26. Ignacio – Darkness [Music Man]
  • 27. The Suburban Knight – The Warning [Underground Resistance]

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Written by Kazuumi

June 2nd, 2009 at 2:15 pm

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  1. banging, raw funky techno. i can see why Bone likes him.


    23 Jun 09 at 9:01 am

  2. Kuri, you got it. ;-)

    I like the mixing style with three turntables as well. Lots of skill and fast mixing in there.


    29 Jun 09 at 1:13 am

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