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ecdr podcast 18 – the florian muller project

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Latest edition of the Electronic Directory Podcast is a live set from French jazz man the Florian Muller Project.

As a producer with roots in jazz music, Florian Muller has a knack for making things right. It is with his first full-length, Blessing, on Logos Recordings that he shows his musicality to a wider audience. Electronic Directory caught up with him to find out about the mix, the album and what’s in store for the future.

Interview with Florian Muller by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to lately ?

Recently I made remixes for Erell Ranson and Jules Wells and of course I continue to create my own compositions.

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

This is a live set, I played my recent tracks and also two tracks from the "Blessing" album. I hope you’ll like it.

You’ve just released your first full-length, Blessing, on Logos Recordings. How long did it take to complete ?

I finished the album at the end of January, I had begun tracks at the beginning of December. It went rather fast.

On the album there’s a large dollop of jazz, especially in the basslines. What kinds of music do you listen to in your spare time ? Does it play a big part in shaping your sound ?

Yes it’s true, jazz is very important for me. Since I stopped DJing, I decided to learn jazz guitar. I like the harmony and the history of jazz. Especially the fervent period of Bebop with Bird, Monk, Diz. Also the Hardbop period with Duke Jordan, Clifford Brown, Wes Montgomery. The Modal period with Miles and Trane. Until Jazz Fusion with Metheny, Hancock, Zawinul. And a man who is a master for me, Django Reinhardt. All these music influenced the music I make today.

In my spare time, I listen to the German scene, Henrik Schwarz, a lot of friends on MySpace (Alex Agore, Johannes Volk), the radio shows of Gilles Peterson, Lee Holman, Der Thal and Russ Gabriel and many other great guys. Of course a lot of jazz.

So what blessing have you received through music ?

I can’t live without music and composition. This is my only real passion, and I’m lucky because my wife enjoys it and supports my passion.

What does the future hold ?

In the future there are other releases planned, on Shazam Recordings and the Orlando Voorn’s new label Divine Records. Then I am preparing myself as a live act with the aim of possible booking, I miss the contact with the public.

The Florian Muller Project just released his first full-length album on Logos Recordings

The Florian Muller Project – Blessing [Logos Recordings]

[ LOGOS017 ]

Verrrry nice organic deep techno and house album – a great mixture of warm loungy jazz and tough dancefloor groove. ‘Nous 2 part II’ and ‘Un poquito del sol’ are my favourites, they remind me a little of the old FCOM days.


  • 01. Assob
  • 02. A Day On Slicer
  • 03. Blessing
  • 04. The Fire Under The Ice
  • 05. Nous 2 (Part II)
  • 06. She Made Me
  • 07. Un Poquito Del Sol
  • 08. Sur Le Fil
  • 09. Feel
  • 10. Love

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  • 01. The New [Unreleased]
  • 02. Tone Floating [Unreleased]
  • 03. Perce Neige [Unreleased]
  • 04. New Flow [Unreleased]
  • 05. One Shot 102 [Shazam Recordings]
  • 06. Everyday [Unreleased]
  • 07. Effet Mer [Divine Records]
  • 08. At The Better Time [Unreleased]
  • 09. The Fire Under The Ice [Logos Recordings]
  • 10. Always With U [Shazam Recordings]
  • 11. Exercice [Unreleased]
  • 12. Love [Logos Recordings]

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June 22nd, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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