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ecdr podcast 19 – jamie behan

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The fifth chapter of the Subject Detroit/Real Booking Artist Agency partnership series comes from Cork-based DJ and producer Jamie Behan.

Jamie Behan is a busy man with many strings to his home country Ireland clubbing bow. He is not only a prolific DJ, he also runs his own record label Bastardo Electrico Recordings, which has released the likes of Sunil Sharpe, Paul Mac, DJ Bone, and Glenn Keohane. Behan is also a producer, has produced and remixed tracks for labels such as Nice & Nasty, Subject Detroit and his Bastardo Electrico Recordings. Starting next month, he will commence his new radio show. Electronic Directory caught up with Jamie Behan for a chat.

Interview with Jamie Behan by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to lately ?

I’ve taken a couple of months off DJing over the summer to concentrate on production and running the label. Production-wise I’ve been working on a concept collaboration with Trench from Subject Detroit called "The Architects". I’ve also been working on remixes for Nice & Nasty and Static Recordings alongside original tracks for my own label, Bastardo Electrico, and Mantrap Recordings. Aside from that DJ Bone’s "Second Encounter" was released on Bastardo in June, the digital offshoot of the label launched in July, and I’ve lined up releases and remixes from the likes of Trish Van Eynde, Vince Watson, Rob Glennon, Lee Holman, Jeroen Search, Dimi Angelis, and a new Dutch producer Klaina who will be releasing his debut album around October/November. So it’s been a productive summer :-) I’m launching back into DJ-mode from August onwards. I’ll be gigging quite a bit over the autumn/winter and I’ve new radio show starting next month which will give me the opportunity to explore all sides of my musical interests outside of what I would normally play in a club from disco to old-school electro and electronica, techno and house from the old-school to the new Very excited about it all :-)

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

This mix is about the past, present, and future. I feel that musical history is important not just what is fashionable at the moment and this is the reason I chose to finish out the mix with DJ Bone’s epic ‘Change’. I started off as a Chicago house DJ with a penchant for techno so there a lot of old-school house elements within the mix. So you have the genius transcendent soul of Kenny Dixon Jnr. aka Moodymann alongside deep grooves from Glimpse, jacking house from Sneak and Boo Williams, a vocal number from Braxton Holmes, sitting next to some real dark techno bangers from Surgeon and Grovskopa, along with a variety of funk driven techno and house from relatively new producers such as Joss Moog, Glenn Keohane, Itokim, and myself. This is a real expression of where I’m at musically. It was recorded on 3 decks and a Pioneer DJM-700 using mainly records. Yes there are some mistakes but hell its at least its real and spontaneous which I think gives it energy. Hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it !

You’ve been involved with electronic music for over a decade now. What do you think about the current music scene ?

The music scene is in a state of flux right now. Many techno artists seem to have forgotten what techno is about. For them mass marketing has taken over and they seem to have forgotten what drive them to make music in the first place. Yet there are still some big name artists such as Ben Sims, DJ Bone, Jeff Mills out there who remember what techno and electronic music is all about and who have been true ambassadors and kept that spirit alive. Of course you also have up and coming artists such as Trish Van Eynde in Belgium and on the homefront here in Ireland there is Sunil Sharpe who runs Mantrap Recordings and Desy Balmer who runs Nice & Nasty who have all kept this shit going on a ground level. Ultimate respect is due to all these guys (and sorry Trish girls as well of course !).

The MP3 and digital download phenomenon had a major part to play in the fostering of ‘trends’. I do use Serato myself but, and this is a big but, this is not a matter of convenience or to keep up with the latest trends at the click of a mouse button. One of my main reasons was to recover tracks that I used to own on record that unfortunately got stolen from my apartment a few years ago. The big vinyl heist of 2001. I lost thousands of records including some truely timeless tracks that if I had been able to find again on vinyl and if I won the lottery (which I plan on doing one of these days…) I would have gotten them that way because there is such a difference with holding a real physical piece of art in your hands than having a transient file on your laptop.

However, on the other side of the coin the advent of the digital age has also helped some really talented producers to breakthrough out of nowhere. Trends will come and go and some people may hop frantically from bandwagon to bandwagon but the fact is that the underground will never die so long as there are people who want and need to listen to good music with true soul and power behind it. As regards ‘trends’ though again I don’t think it’s all bad. I can see a revival coming from the Berghain craze with the PAS [Planetary Assault Systems] album in particular being a flag of hope while from Holland you have Jeroen Search and Dimi Angelis who have been making some fantastic deep grooves.

How is the club scene in Cork ?

Unfortunately the club scene in Cork has to a certain extent been a victim of changing trends. But going back to what I said already, the proof that the underground, in a small city where techno clubs generally only attract around 150 people to a gig, will never die is when you have this 150 people queuing before the club opens (something that never happens in Ireland) for a DJ Bone gig. The biggest reason behind the decline in the Cork and indeed Irish club scene as a whole has been our ridicuously early opening hours. People are only getting into their groove at 2am when we are all kicked out onto the street by over zealous security. It has also meant DJs haven’t been able to play long sets and really express themselves. We have however been attempting to remedy this situation through the Give Us the Night campaign. Please check out www.giveusthenight.ie and lend us your support even if you live in another country and this doesn’t directly affect you. The more voices we have the better. Muchos respect once again must go to Sunil Sharpe for spearheading this campaign. I must also say thanks to Bone for getting on Irish radio to talk from an international perspective about how crazy and irrational the situation over here is. Once again we can put hope and persevere! The underground will never die. For example, although there are currently no dedicated techno nights running in Cork there are some troopers who are keeping quality underground electronic music alive in the city. Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson of Fish Go Deep have been champions of underground house music in this city since the late 80s through their over a decade long residency at Sir Henrys and now through their weekly Go Deep nights at the Pavillion. Electric Underground have also played a central role with their eclectic music policy ranging from Detroit techno and electro, through nu-school house, old school rave, to electronica and dubstep. However, it is Jimmy at Plugd Records here in Cork who deserves a special mention. His shop has kept vinyl alive here and he has persevered through the dark times of the last few years. His shop is one of the best in the country and I would say it is undoubtedly the centre of the electronic music scene here in Cork. I salute you Jimmy !

How long has the Schmutzig clubnight been running ? Have there been any memorable highlights ?

Schmutzig is on hiatus for the time being at least until something changes with the aforementioned licensing laws. It ran for two fantastically intense years, firstly in the Tikki Lounge, a tiny 100 capacity sweatbox, and then in the Liquid Lounge. Our most memorable night was the first time we brought DJ Bone to the Tikki Lounge. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a crowd go that crazy ! They literally ripped the club apart ! Check out the video of it on YouTube to see what I mean. It was nuts :-) Other moments that I will remember are the 20 minute ovation Bone got at the end of his set the second time he played for us, the roar from the crowd when Technasia dropped Acid Storm, and of couse some of the really special local resident nights. There is a video somewhere on YouTube of me dropping Funk D’Void’s "V-Ger", which is one my favourite techno tracks of all time and was a bit of an anthem at Schmutzig, which was one of those special moments where it all just clicks. So some good memories of good music and good times with good people.

Jamie Behan@ Schmutzig, Cork, Ireland, 28/07/2007

Recently you’ve been on the Real Booking Artist Agency roster. How did you hook up with them ?

This came about after I warmed up for Bone a year and a half ago. He liked the music I was playing and then Ahnne from Real Booking [Artist Agency] asked me for a mix. She liked it, asked me to give them some music for SD [Subject Detroit] and the rest as they say is history ! It is a great feeling to finally be recognised for my commitment to the music and the techno scene over the past decade. As Ahnne said to me, the good people don’t always have to finish last ! I then asked Bone if he would like to do an EP for my label and he sent me Encounter 2 which blew my mind. Listening to it for the first time I just thought hell yeah this is what it’s all about.

On the Bastardo Electrico 003, you worked to together with DJ Trench. How was it working with him ?

Trench has been fantastic to work with. We share similar production styles and musical sensibilities yet we at the same time have had space to do our own thing which has allowed to create music which is similar in atmosphere but also uniquely personal. The collaboration EP is called "The Architects" because of the layers of sound and melody that we incorporate into our tracks. Experimental yet at the same time containing dancefloor sensibilities. He is also a really talented graphic designer and has done the artwork for the first three releases. The graphics for the third release are based around the title of the EP using Renaissance paintings and architectural designs in line with the Architects concept.

I hear that you are setting up Bastardo Electrico offshoot label. Are your labels separate in terms of the approach to the music they release

The digital offshoot of BE [Bastardo Electrico] launched in July with the first release from up and coming Irish producer Glenn Keohane who delivered an absolute cracker. He is definitely one to watch for the future. He has some absolute stormers on the way for Bastardo and (take note other labels) some amazing thus far unreleased material. Coming next at the end of August is the "Electronic Boogaloo Lab" from Rob Glennon, another Irish producer who has been making waves on the international front. Highly original driving tech-funk with more twists and turns than an olympic gymnast after drinking too many cups of coffee :-) This guy is another one to watch for the future. The digital offshoot will feature a wider variety of styles than the main label whilst holding a common ground based around a pervasic dark electronic funk. It will also be a launch pad for up and coming, new producers whose music I feel needs to be heard. So in the next few months we have a debut album from Klaina, a talented young Dutch guy based in Belgium with an ear for electronic soul, another new Irish guy called Robin Renwick with a mad PAS style banger paired with a very current sounding deep techno number that gets jacked up by Angel Alanis and the aforementioned Rob Glennon, as well as a few various artist EPs with a versus theme. Versus may be a misleading term actually as these will be more about finding a common ground between musical styles and scenes in different countries rather than a musical fight-night. The first of these will be Ireland vs. Belgium featuring in the Irish corner myself and Glenn Keohane, while representing Belgium we have Trish Van Eynde and Klaina.

What does the future hold for the label ?

The label seems to have a mind of its own but will continue to remain true to its roots in the underground. It will not be influenced by industry trends and I am really excited about the upcoming releases over the rest of this year and in 2010 from those artists that I have mentioned above. Expect deep, futuristic tech-funk with soul !

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  • 01. Moodymann – Desire [KDJ]
  • 02. Glimpse and Alex Jones – Cambria [Kindisch]
  • 03. Victor Vera and Mijail – Jungler [DSD]
  • 04. Oscar G – Chunky Buddha [Innervisions]
  • 05. MD Sxpress – God Made Me Phunky (Accapella) [Defected]
  • 06. Joss Moog – Drivin On Up [Robsoul]
  • 07. DJ Sneak – Work It [Defiant]
  • 08. Boo Williams – Flashback [Relief]
  • 09. Markus Nicolai – Bushes (Accapella) [Classic Recordings]
  • 10. Orlando Voorn – Angles (Jamie Behan’s re-draft) [Nice & Nasty]
  • 11. Braxton Holmes – People Everyday [Cajual]
  • 12. Glenn Keohane – On The Floor [Bastardo Electrico]
  • 13. MD Sxpress – God Made Me Phunky (Accapella) [Defected]
  • 14. Noidoi – Pasarica (Samuel L Sessions remix) [Materials]
  • 15. Grooveyard – Watch Me Now (Secret Cinema remix) [EC Records]
  • 16. DJ Bone – The Vibe [Subject Detroit]
  • 17. Karizma – Twyst This [R2 Records]
  • 18. DJ Funk – Work That Body [Ghetto House Anthems]
  • 19. No Assembly Firm – Acid Attack [Robsoul]
  • 20. The Chain – Geo [R&S Records]
  • 21. Seldom Felt – Number 5 [Seldom Felt]
  • 22. DJ Funk – Run [Ghetto House Anthems]
  • 23. Grovskopa – Balamber [Labrynth]
  • 24. MD Sxpress – God Made Me Phunky (Accapella) [Defected]
  • 25. DJ Bone – Strain 3 [Bastardo Electrico]
  • 26. The Future – They Call Me [Sect Records]
  • 27. Surgeon – Body Request [Counterbalance]
  • 28. Carl Craig- Angel (Jerome Syndenham mix) [Guilty Pleasures/Planet E]
  • 29. James Ruskin – Detached [Tresor]
  • 30. Itokim – Motechnique 2 [Subject Detroit]
  • 31. Planetary Assault Systems – Mark Me [Ostgut Ton]
  • 32. David Squillace- Make Me Funk [Minisketch]
  • 33. Joe T. Vannelli – Play With The Voices In USA (Joey Beltram remix) [Dreambeat]
  • 34. Tony Lionni – The Brain [Polymorph]
  • 35. Trish Van Eynde – The Future Was Yesterday – Subject Belgium [Subject Detroit]
  • 36. DJ Bone – Change [Subject Detroit]

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