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playlist/selection – september 2009

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(in no particular order)

5 essential stuff

  • Tribe – Rebirth [Community Projects/Planet E]

    Wooaw woaw wooooaw. (What can I say ?)
  • Deetron – Zircon/Orange [Music Man]
    [ MM 148 ]
    I am a fan of everything Sam Geiser has done with Music Man, and I think this is the best thing he’s done to date. So simple but insistently brilliant.
  • Jeff Mills – The Drummer [Purpose Maker]
    [ PM-022 ]
    More Mills(art) loveliness.
  • Trish Van Eynde – Subject Belgium [Subject Detroit]
    [ SUB-033 ]
    Fantastic funkiness, straight forward Subject Detroit music. Trish Van Eynde is on fire.
  • Silent Servant/Santiago Salazar – La Noche/La Minoria [Historia y Violencia]
    [ H&V 002 ]
    Those 2 are as nice as always, I like what Historia y Violencia label is doing at the moment.

5 novelties (* all in promo status.)

  • Jolka – The Jolka Experience [Sect] / Davor O. – Transitional Objects Remixes [Matrix]
    [ Sect 6 ] [ Matrix 20 ]
    10/10 (The Jolka Experience). No need to say more… "Transitional Objects Remixes" is a simply awesome package of mixes. This is the best thing Matrix has done in a while.
  • Traxx – Faith [Nation]
    [ NAT-007 ]
    Classic, great forward thinking house music. Jack your body !!
  • (A guy from D) – (A track on A-Side) [(An UK label)]
    (I can’t tell you any details yet……) That D guy returns to an UK quality techno label with sweet, sweet techno stuff. This is what Detroit techno soul is all about.
  • Rennie Foster – Songs For Homeless Housers [Greta Cottage Workshops]
    [ GCW 003 ]
    Foster goes house in his own fashion. ‘Butterfingers’ is a really amazing tune, just class production all the way.
  • Mick Welch – Morphological Construct EP [Elektrosouls]
    [ ESR-001 ]
    Reminiscent of B12′s work, great melodic stabby winner on new Crawley-based label to definitely look out for.

5 oldies

  • 69 – 4 Jazz Funk Classics [Planet E]
    [ PLE 65307-1 ]
    The first record I ever bought – back when I was 14 years old. I must have listened to this stuff a thousand times back then. ‘Ladies & Gentlemen’ sounded like nothing else I had heard before and I still love it. C2 always makes my day.
  • 69 – Lite Music [Planet E]
    [ PLE 65307-1 ]
  • 69 – Sound On Sound [Planet E]
    [ PLE 65307-1 ]
  • 69 – Pungtang [Planet E]
    [ PLE 65307-1 ]
  • The Detroit Experiment – The Detroit Experiment [Planet E]
    [ PE 65272-1 ]

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