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compuphonic launches union match music

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Belgian producer Compuphonic has just launched his own label, Union Match Music.

Maxime Firket, aka Compuphonic, has made a name for himself with his colourful sets and his powerful releases including "Emotion EP" on Turbo Recordings, he now makes his firsty foray into the realm of house with his own label, Union Match Music. The first release comes courtesy of Fabrice Lig, Spirit Catcher, Kolombo, Ante Perry and Compuphonic himself, and it’s already been caned by illustrious DJs like Laurent Garnier and Charles Webster.

Electronic Directory caught up with Maxime Firket and Bastien Braconnier to find out more about the new Union Match imprint.

Interview with Maxime Firket and Bastien Braconnier by Kazuumi Ishii

Why are you calling the label Union Match Music ?

Originally, Union Match is a Swedish (formerly Belgian) brand of matches. We chose this name for a few raisons. First, it reminds of Belgium’s motto: "L’Union fait la force", in French. Which means in English something like "United we stand" or "Unity is strength". This motto fits perfectly with the spirit of the label: we want to bind a team made of close producer friends who respect each other and are willing to work with one another. Plus, it’s also a very positive way to face the record and economic crisis. Faced to that crisis, Union Match’s artists stand united. All UM artists are great producers; by making them collaborate we create some sort of increase in value. Thanks to those collabs the work of each other is sublimated into something bigger. Thus, if "Union" refers to Belgium’s motto, "Match" refers to the collaboration aspect, which is essential. Union Match Music is about collaborations. You can see it as the Belgian answer to the record crisis.

From house to techno and everything in between, with outputs ranging from funky and upbeat to deep and ethereal, your label relishes eclecticism in any form.

There are several words to describe Union Match’s spirit. Two of them are essential: eclecticism and quality; quality because the productions must be impeccable; eclecticism because we want something colorful. We don’t want to be restricted to one form. If club music is about dancing, Union Match is about dancing and feeling. Making people dance is pretty easy. The overused "kick, snare, kick, snare" combo automatically makes people want to move their heads. It’s a reflex, it’s almost tribal. Creating deep emotions is another story. It’s more complex kick + snare is not enough. The artist has to be in a particular state of mind. Union Match Music is in part a matter of emotions. You can almost tell the artist’s state of mind, if he is happy, in a good mood or depressed just by listening to his compositions. We’re looking for producers who run that way. Starting from there we’re not looking for a specific style. The big demarcations – like techno, house, electro – tend to make no sense anymore. Our arms are wide open to any tracks that make us feel something, gives us thrill. Sometimes it’s simply joy. Sometimes it’s gloom. Pictures have to come to our mind. Union Match’s sound is like looking through the window while the plane pierces the clouds to reach the bride blue sky. Sometimes it’s more like a parachute jump. Dancing and feeling. That combination is pretty hard to reach. We are proud to sign artists that are capable of making killer tracks and emotional music. All mixed with quality. It’s Union Match’s contribution to house music. From the powerful emotional Compuphonic’s "Sequoia" to the perfectly-produced electro storm "Placid Corporation" by Spirit Catcher (Deadline mix), that’s Union Match’s definition of eclecticism.

How is the house scene in Belgium ?

Belgium’s House scene is very much alive. Belgium has never been really a pioneer as far as House music is concerned. Still, that little country has always been passionate about this kind of music. In the late 90′s and in the early 00′s, I was very much inspired by House producers like Swirl-People, Koenie (and his "Wally’s Groove World" label) and Charles Schillings. Nowadays, artists such as Maxim Lany and Red-D are doing a very interesting job. And of course all the Union Match’s artists ! Belgium is probably no pioneer but it’s a source of highly quality producers !

What do you have planned after the first release ?

The first 12" "four tracks" vinyl has just been released on December 14th and the digital "10 tracks" release will be out on January 1st. Our next step ? Remixes, parties, radio shows, etc. For now, we’re putting all our energy into the first release. We have already received many interesting tracks and are still looking for more. That’s all we can tell for now but we keep you posted !

Union Match 1 OUT NOW

Get "Union Match 1" here:


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December 18th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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