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selection – december 2009

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Five records I’ve been hammering for a while now, they never leave my record box.

DJ Bone – The Music Remixes [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-034 ]

DJ Bone’s Music, a music speech that produces as many questions as it does answers, gets the once-over from a number of fellow producers and the winning remixes are provided by Samuel L Session, Aaron-Carl and DJ Bone himself. DJ Bone’s remix shows the strength and depth of what he does, while Samuel L Session delivers an ace dancefloor banger and Aaron-Carl supplies a masterful mix with measured percussion, levitating synths and spirit-lifting strings.


  • A1. DJ Bone remix
  • A2. Trench’s Still Here & Buckwild remix
  • B1. Samuel L Session remix
  • B2. DJ 3000 Motech remix
  • C1. Rennie Foster’s No Lights, No Flights remix
  • C2. Santiago Salazar’s Seldom Seen remix
  • D1. Aaron-Carl remix
  • D2. Stephen Brown Just Soul edit
  • DJ Nasty’s Blaxploitaqtion remix
  • Mister X remix

Get "The Music Remixes" here:

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Jolka – The Jolka Experience [Sect]

[ Sect 6 ]

Croatian techno producer Luka Baumann has been serving up experimental beats since 2004 and here he shows his deeper side with this lovely effort on Sect Records. Inception takes its strength from a solid bassline and steady beats and lush chords while Arcus does the business courtesy of dubbed out chords. Covection is a brilliant chord driven workout and Dreamful produces an all over warm feeling, courtesy of sweet synths and a pulsing bassline.


  • A1. Inception
  • A2. Arcus
  • B1. Convection
  • B2. Dreamful

Get "The Jolka Experience" here:

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Niko Marks – Voice Box Detroit [Subject Detroit]

[ SUB-035 ]

Niko Marks drops an EP of swinging, soulful house efforts that hit home. The opener, "I Can’t Stop", is a hearty vocal house gem, while "All About Love" is an explosive winner. "Bring Back The Soul" is all evocative vocals and smart beats and "Technology" hits with groovy synth work and abrupt vocal samples.


  • A1. I Can’t Stop
  • A2. All About Love
  • B1. Bring Back The Soul
  • B2. Technology

Get "Voice Box Detroit" here:

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Various – Union Sampler 1 [Union Match Music]

[ UNION 001 ]

Compuphonic branches out on his own here, launching his Union Match imprint with this EP, which features maximal house, disco and techno grooves. Highlights include Fabrice Lig’s freaked out "My UFO" and booty shaking "Innerblaster", Compuphonic’s beautiful "Sequoïa" and Compuphonic & Spirit Catcher’s delightful "Aftertaste".


  • 01. Fabrice Lig – Innerblaster
  • 02. Kolombo & Ante Perry – Crazy
  • 03/B2. Compuphonic – Sequoïa
  • 04. Spirit Catcher & Compuphonic – Cleaver
  • 05/A2. Fabrice Lig – My UFO (Unknown Fucking Oscillator)
  • 06. Compuphonic – Placid Corporation (Spirit Catcher Deadline Mix)
  • 07/A1. Compuphonic & Spirit Catcher – After Taste
  • 08/B1. Ante Perry & Kolombo – Baby
  • 09. Compuphonic – Placid Corporation
  • 10. Ante Perry & Kolombo – Let’s Go

Get "Union Sampler 1" here:

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Various – W.A.R.M.T.H. presents Preservation: Past, Present & Future [Wallshaker Music]

[ WMTHCD-1192 ]

Aaron-Carl’s WARMTH network brings a 14-track outing that marks the Preservation event in Detroit. Cuts of note include the intense "4 Types Of People", a sweet number entitled "Karen’s Groove", an oscillating string and bass driven "Intergalactic Funk" and Terrence Parker’s blissful "Hiding in Your Love". All in all, this is yet another fine display of Detroit techno and house music, which shows why the Motor City remains a well-respected electronic music powerhouse.


  • 01. Aaron-Carl – W.A.R.M.T.H. Intro (feat. DJ Mourad & Jevon Justin)
  • 02. Alton Miller – Seasons
  • 03. Los Hermanos – De Las Cenizas
  • 04. DJ Bone – Cultural Variance
  • 05. Myles Serge – A Moment In Time
  • 06. Scan 7 feat. Aaron-Carl- 4 Types Of People
  • 07. Orlando Voorn – Face
  • 08. Detroit People Mover – Dropping Things (Interlude)
  • 09. Santiago Salazar – Your Club Went Hollywood
  • 10. Trench – Karen’s Groove
  • 11. DJ Nasty – Intergalactic Funk
  • 12. Scan 7 – Tenacity
  • 13. Terrence Parker feat. Coco Street – Hiding In Your Love (The Marvelous Light Vocal mix)
  • 14. Gary Martin – Waiting On A Third Chance

Get "W.A.R.M.T.H. presents Preservation: Past, Present & Future" here:

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December 8th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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