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Aux 88 are set to release a new EP entitled "Black Tokyo" in February.

Aux 88 have always remained true to their roots of the music, having forged a particularly distinctive and original musical style, thus managing to avoid being identified with any particular scene. Deeply rooted yet always futuristic, their sound is as relevant today as it has ever been — it displays a confidence and maturity few contemporary techno producers can match — there is no doubt that Aux 88 have defined themselves as two of the key players in the development of electronic music as we know it today.

Electronic Directory caught up with Keith Tucker and Tommy Hamilton to find out about the project, the plans for Puzzlebox Records.

Interview with Keith Tucker and Tommy Hamilton by Kazuumi Ishii

How did the idea for the Black Tokyo project come about ?

The project has been kicked about for about 4 years.

The mental transformation from Aux 88 to Mad Scientist set events into motion that converted the mad scientist mental circuitry in to two unique entities.

Using smaller more adaptable nano circuitry to create new electronic synthesis from the original Aux Voice and mind. Black Tokyo are visionist, scientist, and mental programmers on the teachings of Electronic sound. Black Tokyo have assembled some of the world’s most advanced Technology and software to create new devices of electronic sounds. Aux 88 have been under surveillance for years by others who have sought to learn if the two Aux 88 Members are indeed the same entities the mad scientist or are have they indeed transformed into Black Tokyo. The two men have ventured into their 4/4 techno world Black Tokyo.

You guys have reemerged as Arashi Hoshino and Shin Muramatsu. Where did these characters come from and why ?

The character names where picked from from various Japanese films we grew up watching some names are actors from various films and TV shows like Ultraman.

Is there a concept behind the project at all ?

The concept is new 4/4 techno and electro from the the high fashion and business world of Aux 88 enterprises……more news to come.

Why now for 4/4 ? What has influenced you this time around ?

We have always did 4/4 music under various other alter ego’s Optic Nerve, Alien FM. We are gearing up to bringing a hi energy visual live act that moves a event like when we play electro venues. We have always been able to play 4/4 and electro where ever we play.

Can you explain a little bit about the title ?

Black Tokyo :::: is our new entrepreneur, hi tech, hi fashion alter ego and business alter ego… Lots of suprises to come

What else have you guys got on the horizon for 2010 ?

There will be 2 to 3 12"s of the Black Tokyo entity and a full length CD… Also Aux 88 Mad Scientist remix 12"s full tour to follow Black Tokyo

Puzzlebox will release Aux 88′s "Black Tokyo" this February


  • A1. Dragon Fly
  • A2. Groove Theory
  • B1. Black Rain
  • B2. Tokyo Drive

Puzzlebox’s DJ Xed pulls together an Aux 88 megamix

Download the mix here. This Aux 88 Megamix has been archived and is currently not available.


  • 01. Aux 88 – Mad Scientist Intro [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 02. Aux 88 – Voice Modulation [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 03. Aux 88 – Time Portal [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 04. Aux 88 – Detroit Non Stop [Submerge Recordings]
  • 05. Aux 88 – Alias [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 06. Aux 88 – K-1 Theme [Submerge Recordings]
  • 07. Aux 88 – Control Panels [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 08. Aux 88 – Annihilating The Rhythm [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 09. Aux 88 – We Are The Future [Submerge Recordings]
  • 10. Aux 88 – Exsterterestrial Time Travelers [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 11. Aux 88 – Electronic Robots [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 12. Aux 88 – Mad Scientist [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 13. Aux 88 – Alien Bounce [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 14. Aux 88 – Rated A-U-X [Submerge Recordings]
  • 15. Aux 88 – Lost In Outer Space [Submerge Recordings]
  • 16. Aux 88 – Parallel Universe [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 17. Aux 88 – Interstellar Flight Theme [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 18. Aux 88 – Space Satellites [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 19. Aux 88 – We Make Beats [Submerge Recordings]
  • 20. Aux 88 – My A.U.X. Mind (2005) [Submerge Recordings]
  • 21. Aux 88 – E-Theory [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 22. Aux 88 – Free Fall [Puzzlebox Records]
  • 23. Aux 88 – Mad Scientist Outro [Puzzlebox Records]


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January 25th, 2010 at 12:30 am

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