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ecdr podcast 24 – dj 3000


Motech head honcho, DJ 3000, provides a bouncy mix to start off 2010.

Franki Juncaj, DJ 3000, is one of the most consistently booked DJs in the Submerge camp. Originally from Hamtramck, Michigan and currently based in Maastricht, he’s been circling the globe. In his spare time, he likes to run Motech Records, releasing the likes of DJ Dex, Gerald Mitchell, Gary Martin and Fabrice Lig. Release-wise, Juncaj has mixed three compilations for Electrofunk’s Somewhere In Detroit mix series, Submerge and Explicit Musick’s Ekspozicija, and there have been three studio albums, the last of which, the traditional Detroit sound, Red Planet-influenced "Galactic Caravan", hit stores in 2009.

Electronic Directory caught up with Franki Juncaj to ask him about the mix and what he’s got coming up later this year.

Interview with DJ 3000 by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to recently ?

I just been busy with some remixes for Counterpart, Jack De Marseille and DJ Compufunk and I did a remix for DJ Bone that is dropping very soon, besides that just always making music and also I am in the middle of rebuilding my studio so thats real exciting ! Motech label stuff always keeps me busy of course with planning projects and trying to makes shit happen.

Where and how was the mix made ?

I did this mix at home the good old fashion way with two turntables, CDJ and a mixer recorded live. I also do the mixes live because you get that raw mixing and emotion I think and if you were to hear me play in the club this mix shows it the same way. Why both doing a mix if its not live unless your doing genres of music that is hard to mix live jazz mixed with other stuff ok that fine but live mixes is the only way.

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

The week during the mix I had finished two other mixes for other websites, one for a crew in Dublin and one for a crew in France so when I decided to do this one I wanted to mix it a little different than the other two. The first two were more straight techno tunes and more uptempo so for the Electronic Directory mix I decided to keep it a bit slower and more funky tech house kinda sound and I did mix this on sunday so maybe thats why the mix turned out the way it did ? Its hard for me to describe my mixes but this one just has a overall funky groove to it I think and I used some records that are limited edition and some tunes that are unreleased on Motech and UR and some others that will be released soon. I think people will like this mix I had fun doing it…

The Galactic Caravan Remixes album has been out in Japan for a month now (and will be available internationally in February) – how has the feedback been ?

The feedback has been great so far ! I was touring Japan in December and it was great and the 2 CD set is fucking crazy in my opinion lots of killer artist and sounds on it. I think the impact will be greater as each 12-inch is released with the remixes because the CD only reaches certain consumers and records are a whole other consumer so overall is great.

So, did you select the remixers yourself ?

This was real easy, I had given Ben Sims the album and he really like the Midnight Express track so I asked him to remix it and he was happy to do it and other friends emailed me and asked to remix other songs so I figured I may as well ask all my friends and people who I respect to remixes tunes they like from the Galactic Caravan original album and in the end 23 songs on 2 CDs so its huge project. The project would have been bigger but some people just didnt have the time so I could have imagined what could have happened but its ok 23 is allot so the double CD set is plenty of music for people to enjoy and the vinyl releases will be even better !

What else is on the horizon for Motech ?

I have a new project coming out in March called "Broken Research" Vol.2 its more of down tempo project, nothing dance floor at all only slower music. The projects just Motech artist and friends that make other styles other than uptempo dance songs and I wanted to show people that the label if more than just Ethnic Detroit style dance label. Vol.1 wasnt exactly the way I wanted it to turn out but Vol.2 is exactly the way I envisioned it so I think people will be impressed, I know I am !

Other than that I am planning to release all the remixes from the album as well as my other artist on Motech but its not easy these days to sell vinyl but I keep pushing because vinyl is the key to everything "it makes the world go round" ! I plan on releasing a mix CD too for 2010 on Motech featuring Motech songs as well as songs from friends from around the world, I also have some new artist to debut that will surprise people with there sound but hey motech as never been a one trick pony !!

Motech loves to bring out remixes of DJ 3000′s Galactic Caravan

[ UGCD-MT005 ]

DJ 3000 gets the remix treatment from his friends and Motech players on this double disc set. The first package is an exploration of modern electronic grooves, which will reward home and club listeners–standouts include the moody Mr De remix of Seven Tribes Of Hoti, Esteban Adame’s graceful revision of Her Smile and a more subtle version of Shawn Rudiman’s Her Smile. The second package wins with stellar displays from Alexander Robotnick, Mark Flash and DJ Bone. Robotnick makes it big with his synth driven electroid sound, Flash goes a mammoth synth led workout and Bone does his epic ABM thang to Meloudic Landscapes.


  • Disc 1
    • 01. Heritage (Deviant remix)
    • 02. Seven Tribes Of Hoti (Mr De remix)
    • 03. Her Smile (Esteban Adame remix)
    • 04. Darjeeling Sun (Gary Martin remix)
    • 05. Heritage (Nomadico aka DJ Dex remix)
    • 06. Midnight Express (Ben Sims remix)
    • 07. Coat Of Arms (Orlando Voorn remix)
    • 08. Memory Almost Full (T.Linder remix)
    • 09. Emotional Sequence (DJ Compufunk remix)
    • 10. Penny For Your Thoughts (Dan Curtin remix)
    • 11. Her Smile (Shawn Rudiman remix)
    • 12. Memory Almost Full (O.N.O. remix)
  • Disc 2
    • 01. Flamuri I Popullit (J.A.K.A.M Deep remix)
    • 02. Darjeeling Sun (Rennie Foster remix)
    • 03. Meridian (Mark Broom remix)
    • 04. Coat Of Arms (Alexander Robotnick remix)
    • 05. Her Smile (Mark Flash remix)
    • 06. Flamuri I Popullit (Buscemi remix)
    • 07. Darjeeling Sun (Matt Chester remix)
    • 08. Meloudic Landscapes (DJ Bone remix)
    • 09. Coat Of Arms (Subotika remix)
    • 10. Yarewehear (Antennasia remix)
    • 11. Memory Almost Full (Shawn Snell remix)

Download Electronic Directory 24 DJ 3000 Podcast

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  • 01. SIS – Holly Bolly [Cécille Records]
  • 02. Gerlad Mitchell – Strong Hold [Still Music *unreleased]
  • 03. DJ 3000 – Coat of Arms (Orlando Voorn remix) [Motech]
  • 04. Joel Mull – Passing Through [Truesoul Records]
  • 05. Mark Flash – Conquistador [UR *unreleased]
  • 06. Steve Mac – After Sundown (Anton Pieete remix) [Tronic]
  • 07. Spirit Catcher – Beezy Operator (Dub mix) [OM]
  • 08. Kruse & Nurnberg – Grap Someone (Varoslav remix) [Je' Taime Records]
  • 10. Gegenheimer & Jenius – Basic Shape [Moodmusic]
  • 11. Gideon – Chicago Summer [Southern Comfort]
  • 12. Lee van Dowski – La Cocina del Cabron [Cadenza]
  • 13. Warren Fellow & Michel Steinbach – Cosmic [Signaletik]
  • 14. Chymera – Sumatra (Deetron remix) [Figure]
  • 15. DJ 3000 – Flamuri i Popullit (Buscemi remix) [Motech]
  • 16. DJ 3000 – Darjeeling Sun [Motech]
  • 17. Gerald Mitchell – Gjeloshaj 1862 feat. Diametric [Motech]

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January 11th, 2010 at 1:15 am

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  1. Thanks for the link. Nice interview.


    12 Jan 10 at 8:45 am

  2. Franki is really good on it. Was surprised by lots of contemporary EU “tech house alike” stars in the mix.

    Nick Svyaznoy

    18 Jan 10 at 3:14 am

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