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ecdr podcast 25 – spirit catcher


In celebration of our third anniversary, Belgian wonder-duo Spirit Catcher provide a mix of deep house and techno for this week’s podcast.

Spirit Catcher are in fact two: Belgian engineer Jean Vanesse and keyboard player Thomas Sohet are both consistent with what they do, they’ve built a reputation through their dynamic live performances and superb productions. More recently Spirit Catcher have been releasing more groove-based techno and house cuts on 2020 Vision and Systematic Recordings, and have even compiled their debut mix CD for NRK.

Electronic Directory caught up with Spirit Catcher to ask a few questions about the mix.

Interview with Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you guys been up to recently ?

The main plan for this year is to finish a second album. So we are actively working on it right now. It took a while before we could have our mind really focused on it. We firstly needed to work on some ep’s like "Secret Stranger" on Rebirth and "Sedona" on Systematic to make some explorations into new music ways. We also worked on a new version of our live show, involving the changes we operated in our sound lately.

Where and how was the mix made ?

After re-organizing and dusting off our records collection we were inspired to make this Deep House to Deep Techno mix. We were remembering how Fabrice Lig addicted us to Deep Techno with all his great productions and enthusiasm. We were buying almost everything from John Tejada, Kanzleramt, Titonton/Residual, Morgan Geist… Shame that this style has so suffer since the Minimal tsunami blew up Germany and then hits the rest of the world :-(

You guys are touring the US, Canada and Mexico in May. How do you guys prepare differently for a tour of America than you guys would normally ?

We don’t make big differences if we travel in US than anywhere else. We try to be flexible as much as possible to be able to react to the crowd we have in front of us. We worked our new live in that way and that’s the same way of thinking if we go to Asia, Europe or America. And of course we organise our packs of equipments differently to avoid any problems at the security check and custom to make things easier for everybody.

Do you have any plans to release another album ?

Yessss :-))

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Written by Kazuumi

March 1st, 2010 at 12:45 am

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  2. I know it says no tracklist is available, but I’ve heard this so many times and was wondering where all this beautiful music is coming from. If you could post one, that’d be awesome!

    Excellent mix and hope to see you guys at Mighty on 5/14

    Vivek Ayer

    12 May 10 at 6:10 am

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