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ecdr podcast 27 – fabrice lig

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In celebration of our third anniversary: this week’s podcast is a live set from Belgian techno prince, Fabrice Lig.

The biography of the Charleroi based techno producer, Fabrice Lig, is almost overwhelming. He’s left an impressive legacy over the last decade as an international DJ, club owner, label boss of his imprint Melodika Recordings, and as a remixer and recording artist producing the classic albums, "Walking On A Little Cloud", "My 4 Stars" and "Evolutionism". This year sees him achieve a first, the release of his first full-length in six years – Genesis of a Deep Sound showcases Ligny’s talent for all things deep techno. Electronic Directory caught up with Fabrice Lig to ask a few questions about the performance, the new album and his forthcoming plans.

Interview with Fabrice Lig by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to recently ?

Many things. I decided to return to teaching; so it means preparing courses, teach by the week almost everyday, and I launched some multimedia projects to do, with my students ;-). As well as preparing some "music composing" courses for SAE, an international music school…I will try to explain how I compose, my techniques, my feeling on it. But in the meantime, I’m on different musical projects ; that e.p on R&S, that e.p on Subject Detroit, that remixes project for Third Ear with some excellent remixes from Mad Mike, Luke Slater, Marco Passarani, Fluxion, Sebastien San, Kiko Navarro, a live version of "The Soul is back"… I also worked on remixes for Kenny Hawkes, DJ Hell…and some others… So I tough to calm down a bit my schedule, but it seems it’s more diversified but as busy as before…

Where was the set recorded ?

It was recorded in Belgium, Brussels, in a small underground party setted up by my friend "DJ Trish [van Eynde]", our best techno DJ in Belgium.

Can you tell us a little about the performance ?

Hmm, was quiet good as it was a real old school techno audience, the real fans of DJ Trish and the Detroit orientated sound… So the people followed me from the deep side of the set to the strong and funky techno side I play sometimes. The room was dark and simple like we used to know a while ago. So it’s always a pleasure to play into that kind of environment.


How did you choose the name Genesis Of The Deep ?

In fact it’s "Genesis of a Deep Sound". Because the concept was to explain how I found my own sound in the early days, before the albums on Raygun or F-Com. That’s why the album include some old tracks I made 15 Years ago (but unreleased)… For the real fans, it will be the key to understand from where I come musically and how I progressed to arrive to that Raygun and F-Com period… So it’s the genesis of my quest to the deep and funky techno. Into the CD box, the people will find a booklet where I explain a bit that story and a special tracklisting of tracks from my discography, and if they are following that tracklisting after they had a listen on "Genesis of a Deep Sound", they will have a better idea of my progression. (that booklet will be available digitally on iTunes and other digital stores too).

Was there any particular reason you went back into your archives and pulled out old material ?

I think you have the answer into the previous question…but to resume, I wanted to do it to give a chance to the real fans to have the complete story into their hands… My compositions from the early days to today. I would be happy to be able to get it from my favourite composers. (It’s always possible, but it’s never really structured and explained as I did here).

Aside from the album, what do you have coming up ?

Like I said before…R&S release (Digital Forest), Subject Detroit release (Hmong’s Dignity), Third Ear release (The Soul is Back remixes). DJ Hell "Wonderland" Fabrice Lig remix, I should receive a video clip of "Australow-P-Tek Funk" (Evolutionism album, the track with Ken Ishii), directed by friend Pedro Cali, and from what I’ve already seen from the video, it will be amazing… After that, probably a new 10" on Fine art, and then…I don’t know…It will depend of my inspiration…

Fabrice Lig releases his new full-length on Fine Art Recordings

Fabrice Lig – Genesis of a Deep Sound [Fine Art Recordings]

Fabrice Lig serves up a real gem that shows why he is such a well respected figure. Unlike many techno albums where monotony too often takes over, this album holds the attention from start to finish, due to the variety of styles and the intensity and quality of the music on show. Every track holds its own, but high points include the hypnotic beauty of "BC 98", the electroid magic of "Energy Machine", a gorgeous downtempo effort entitled "Cosmic Booty" and the sweet "Japanese Soul". "Genesis of a Deep Sound" represents a spectacular display of electronic emotion.

Genesis of a Deep Sound is also available on 180g heavyweight vinyl: http://www.juno.co.uk/products/394547-01.htm

Download Electronic Directory 27 Fabrice Lig Podcast

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  • 01. Ken Ishii & Fabrice Lig – Organized Green [70 Drums]
  • 02. Soul Designer – Evolutionism [Third Ear]
  • 03. Fabrice Lig – Innerblaster [Union Match]
  • 04. Fabrice Lig – Digital Forest [R&S Records]
  • 05. Soul Designer – Tech Do Brasil [FCommunications]
  • 06. Soul Designer – Molecular Song [Third Ear]
  • 07. Soul Designer – The Mother Funky Beat [FCommunications]
  • 08. Soul Designer – The Soul Is Back [Third Ear]
  • 09. Fabrice Lig – The Track [Versatile]

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