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ecdr podcast 30 – dimi angélis

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Dimi Angélis lays down this month’s Electronic Directory podcast.

Interview with Dimi Angélis by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to recently ?

I spend a lot of time making music together with Jeroen Search, sorting out music for my DJ sets, listening promos, buying and listening new music online and burning CDs (which I hate…) and playing my DJ sets on the weekends off course.

Where and how was the mix recorded ?

The mix was recorded at the XT3 Studio in Amsterdam where I make all my podcasts as I don’t have two CD players at home… I used the set-up in the studio with 2 CDJ-1000 CD players and a Pioneer DJM-800 mixer.

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

Actually there’s not much to tell about this mix. I mixed it on a monday evening with the same CD map I used the weekend before at some gig. For me it feels the same as a live gig on the radio or in a club. I start my set and see what’s happening. :-)

On June 25th you’re playing at the Awakenings festival in Amsterdam with Jeroen Search, what can we expect from your performance ?

At Awakenings festival we perform live as Counterpart and we are doing an energetic trippy and booming live set !

What’s up next for you ?

I have my DJ gigs and some very nice Counterpart live gigs as well. Also there’s a lot of new music coming up from me and Jeroen Search. 2 EPs on Traut Muzik, Stockholm LTD, and a new EP on Balans. Also we do some remixes for M_Grey, ESHU, Fluxus Records and Fach.

New Angélis & Search twelve on Traut Muzik hits shelves this month

Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – If Reshape EP [Traut Muzik]

[ Traut 009 ]

Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search have a knack of making urgent techno efforts that demand your attention. Omnia V2 does this courtesy of slamming beats and an infectious bass groove. If Reshape is a synth driven attack, while De Novo is all menacing bass work and pounding drums.


  • A1. If Reshape
  • A2. Omnia V2
  • B1. De Novo

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June 20th, 2011 at 9:00 pm

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