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ecdr podcast 31 – carlos nilmmns


Carlos Nilmmns warms up your speakers with a set of seductive grooves.

Interview with Carlos Nilmmns by Kazuumi Ishii

What have you been up to recently ?

It’s been a really good few months for me. The Ornaments release has had positive vibes about it and the label are now launching Ornaments Symphony 2 mixed by Luke Hess a mix CD featuring all of the tracks. RED is now released on Skylax, I have another few projects coming out on the Paris label later on in the year which is cool. One of the last remixes was KaSpars "Able To Find". I’m meeting up with the guys in Lisbon next month.

Where and how was the mix recorded ?

The mix was recorded in my house using CDs and Ableton and my old Pioneer DJM-500 served with some really nice coffee…

Can you tell us a little about the mix ?

Sure thing ! I wanted to do a mix for home listening, a BBQ party or for just in the car or something. The warm weather is coming so some warm moody vibes sounds about right. I included some unreleased music by Paris producer Zadig who is creating a lot of positive attention at the moment. He also remixed my "She Likes Analogue" track which is a really good interpretation. I also included a track from Vince Watson’s new album. I’ve had this on repeat for a while. He is a huge inspiration and a dear old friend.

You’ve got a new album coming out. What can we expect from that ?

"Lune Eclaire" is a collection of different moods and grooves that span different forms of electronic music. I like to keep things raw, musical and deep. The album guests the voice of Keter Darker from Chicago who I met through M50 (Area/Wave Music USA) I love Keter D’s voice and gells really well with those vintage synths.

There’s a lot going on the album from USA influenced house and techno with all the rawness added from Glasgow. In a silly way they are like short stories to me.

How did you approach the recording process? Were the tracks written
specifically for the album?

I wanted to try and push as far as I could to express myself with different styles. I never wanted to rush this hence why it’s taken so long. It’s important for my solo work to remain a little different from the Solab releases. I try lol !

I recorded about 90% of this music in takes using hardware and tested out different methods to get certain raw sounds. So if it was one of the slower tracks like "Late Nights" it was created using hardware to get that desired chunky raw effect The arrangement is quite random but I like the effect it has. It can be a lot of effort when you are trying to convert sample rates using an S900 with only about 15 secs of free space… the length of time spent on that machine has been mental but I think the warm 12-bit quality from this machine helps the sound of my music.

What’s next for you after the album ?

I have a few projects on the go with the brilliant Niko Marks. Other projects feature Sandra Boumezer and Gwen who both have beautiful voices. Sandra’s track has been picked up by a few folk already including Jazzanova. Niko and I will finish Gwen’s track as part of an EP.

I also finished a remix of "Inner Feelings" by Aubrey. The original was released on Ferox and has been in my record box since day of purchase in 1999. We plan to release the new remixes as part of a re-issue package someday too.

Carlos Nilmmns preps new album, Lune Eclaire

Carlos Nilmmns – Lune Eclaire [Lifeworld/4lux]

Glasgow’s Carlos Nilmmns, aka Ross McMillan, has been a techno and house player for years and now finally drops his debut solo LP on Lifeworld. It is a fluid electronic affair, where enigmatic instrumentation rubs shoulders with swirling synthetics. Nilmmns’ sound might be primarily associated with clubs and dancing, but this organic collection is just as good for home listening. Lune Eclaire is a success.


  • 01. Lost Afternoon
  • 02. Damn She So Fine
  • 03. The Old Way
  • 04. Phobos Monolith
  • 05. Xochiquetzal (Original mix)
  • 06. Lune Eclaire
  • 07. Late Nights In Neon Lights
  • 08. She Likes Analog
  • 09. Patecatl (Live Track 1)
  • 10. Strange Things
  • 11. Une Roseraie, l’hiver
  • 12. Old Path Pt. 2 Love, A Long Circular Path feat. Keter Darker
  • 13. Impressions
  • 14. Departures
  • 15. Old Path Pt. 2 Love, A Long Circular Path feat. Keter Darker (Dub)

Lifeworld will release Lune Eclaire Album Sampler on April 23rd, 2012. The full album will be available digitally in May.

Carlos Nilmmns plays La Cheetah Club this Friday


Friday, April 13, 2012

La Cheetahs Club, Glasgow | Doors open at 11pm | £8 on door


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  • 01. Closer Musik – One Two Three (No Gravity) [Kompakt]
  • 02. Carlos Nilmmns – You, The Night & The Music [Skylax]
  • 03. Telepopmusik – Love Can Damage Your Health (Abicah Soul & Dennis Ferrer remix) [Objektivity]
  • 04. Deetron – Collide [Green]
  • 05. Zadig – Beyond The Wall Of Sleep [CDR]
  • 06. Drexciya – Under Sea Disturbances [Tresor]
  • 07. Mission Control – Outta Limits (Rob Warner edit) [CDR]
  • 08. Carlos Nilmmns – Lost Afternoon [Lifeworld/4lux]
  • 09. Carlos Nilmmns & Niko Marks – Elle Est Une Danseus… [CDR]
  • 10. Ican – Pa’ Mi Gente [Planet E]
  • 11. ??? – JTD Rework [CDR]
  • 12. Roberto Bosco – Soul Deeper [7th Sign]
  • 13. Vince Watson – Come With Me [Everysoul]

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April 9th, 2012 at 9:00 pm

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  1. Loving the more laid back feel of this mix.

    Matt K

    15 Apr 12 at 3:30 am

  2. Great music. great Guy. go carlos. as always Kazuumi is on top of who is really cutting it on the underground.

    desy balmer

    28 Apr 12 at 12:29 pm

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