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Itokim is the alter ego of Japan-based producer Takuro Ito. Influenced by the likes of Detroit techno, IDM or electronica, he has been developing his unique brand of techno and deep house. In early 2008, he released his first record, "Baby Moon", on Fine Art Recordings and received positive feedback in magazines like DJ Magazine and DMC Update, as well as gaining praise from DJs around the globe.

Since then he has gone on to record for Logos Recordings, Germany’s Night Drive Music and Nice & Nasty. His releases/mixes have found their way into record boxes, charts, mixes, and radio shows of the likes of Laurent Garnier, Ben Watt, Fabrice Lig, Rennie Foster, Santiago Salazar and many others.

2009 is set to be another exciting year with releases in the pipeline for Glasgow’s Seventh Sign and Fabrice Lig’s Melodika Recordings among others.



[ NANO 74 ]
Lost Colours EP, Digital
Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Lost Colours EP" here:

[ OCR-022 ]
Blown Away, Digital
Open Concept Recordings (2009)

Get "Blown Away" here:

[ IRD 011 ]
Days Of Our Lives EP, Digital
Itinerant (2009)

Get "Days Of Our Lives EP" here:

[ NANO 66 ]
Between The Visible And The Invisible Remixed, Digital
Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Between The Visible And The Invisible Remixed" here:

[ NANO 54 ]
No One Else EP, Digital
Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "No One Else EP" here:

[ Logos 010 ]
Breathe, Digital
Logos Recordings (2008)

Get "Breathe" here:

[ FAD 04 ]
Baby Moon, Digital
Fine Art Recordings (2008)

Get "Baby Moon" here:


[ NANO 76 ]
Mark O’Sullivan – Within You (Itokim’s vision from within)
Within Them, Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Within You (Itokim’s vision from within)" here:

[ DXR 033 ]
Stefano Vozza – 20 (Itokim’s reinterpretation)
20 Remixed Pt3, Dublin Xpress Recordings (2009)

Get "20 (Itokim’s reinterpretation)" here:

[ NANO 70 ]
Vakama – Xenon (Itokim remix)
Variance EP Remixed, Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Xenon (Itokim remix)" here:

[ NANO 68 ]
Mick Chillage – Final Storm (Itokim’s vision)
Final Storm Remixed, Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Final Storm (Itokim’s vision)" here:

[ NANO 59 ]
The Parallel – Sleepwalker (Itokim’s remake #1) / Sleepwalker (Itokim’s remake #2)
Sleepwalker Remixed, Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Sleepwalker (Itokim’s remake #1) / Sleepwalker (Itokim’s remake #2)" here:

[ FAD06 ]
Jens Lodén – Utan (Itokim remix)
Fine Art Remixes 2, Fine Art Recordings (2008)

Get "Utan (Itokim remix)" here:


[ NDMnetLP030 ]
Itokim – Far West (Deep Distance mix) / Walk On
Night Drive Music Vol 2, Night Drive Music (2009)

Get "Far West (Deep Distance mix)" / "Walk On" here:

[ NANO 45 ]
Itokim – Between Visible And Invisible
15, Nice & Nasty (2009)

Get "Between Visible And Invisible" here:

[ NDMnetLP028 ]
Itokim – Far West
Night Drive Music Vol 1, Night Drive Music (2008)

Get "Far West" here:

[ Logos 008 ]
Itokim – Seven Days
Logos Volume 1, Logos Recordings (2008)

Get "Seven Days" here:


  • "Blown Away" (Open Concept) – TheClubbing.com, September 30, 2009
  • "Breathe" (Logos) – TheClubbing.com, December 9, 2008
  • "Logos Volume 1" (Logos) – TheClubbing.com, August 11, 2008
  • "Baby Moon" (Fine Art) – DJ Magazine, March 2008
    The work of new Japanese producer Itokim, ‘Baby Moon’ is a sleek yet rhythmically busy take on deep Detroit techno, and ‘Glittering Way’ although based on a breakbeat, still packs a powerful punch. 4 out of 5Richard Brophy
  • "Baby Moon" (Fine Art) – DMC Update, January 30, 2008
    Fine Art has already set up a strong track record with releases from the likes of Wink and Cattaneo. Next move is the debut release from Japan’s Itokim and very impressive it is too. The title cut is spaced and atmospheric with glistening textures and evocative melodic touches. Halfway, a ghostly new riff appears opening up another field for all the elements to play in. ‘Glittering Way’ is an electro-tinged space-shuffle which again works in subtle melodies and tweakings to create a deep, soulful mood. Fantastic debut, look forward to more from this name. 5 out of 5Kris Needs

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